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Long time TNA talent gone from the company

– Dave Meltzer reports that Eric Young is gone from TNA. His contract expired last week and he was offered a lot less money than his last deal so he did not re-sign. Young, who has been with TNA since late 2003 told them that he wants to explore other options.

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  1. Kyle Christie says:

    I thought Eric Young was awesome his latest angle was really funny. :(

  2. joe andrews says:

    wwe should pick him up , he has really good charisma

  3. Phillip says:

    WWE should get him and then pair him up with Santino and Kozlov… A Italian, A Russian and a Canadian…. That would be soooo Golden, hell even adding Goldust and Aksana would be a pretty entertaining group/segment/angle/storyline…. Who agrees?

  4. cold says:

    Yeah I think EY will fit well in WWe

  5. DONE IT says:

    tna is done and ey is to old to come to wwe

  6. DeathNote81 says:

    I think the WWE and Eric Young would have a lot of fun together. I hope both sides are interested.

  7. joe andrews says:

    he’s not to old, he’s only 30 .. wwe picked up lance hoyt when he was 30/31

  8. Drew says:

    More bad news from TNA

  9. Joan B. in SC says:

    Phillip, you’re right on the money. Funny/crazy EY is the best one althoug I did like him in suits. His promo works just looks so natural like you just happened to be walking by while he was talking to someone.

  10. Vince says:

    Wants to explore other options? His only other option is working at burger king.

  11. Poc says:

    What the hell is wrong with TNA!? They are letting a lot of their best talent just walk away as if they mean nothing to the company.

    They lost Petey Williams and Christopher Daniels, Awesoem Kong quit, and now they let WEY walk away!? Yet they still insist in keeping that no talnet idiot Rob Terry and employ no hopers like Robbie E, neither of who can wrestle a lick!

    SInce Hogan and Eaze E have been apart of TNA thing have gone from stupid, getting rid of six sides and making a mockery of the x-Division, to the absoloute moronic, Hardys new belt!

    Don;t get me wrong, a lot of the talent they now have deserve to eb there, but the way things are going they’re turning it into WWE version 2, and we most definetly do not want that!!

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