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Another long time star gone from TNA

– is reporting that Raven is gone from TNA. He was written out of storylines at tonight’s tapings. Raven had been with TNA on and off since leaving WWE in 2003.

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  1. Dale Cooper says:

    Just stupid. Even though his wrestling abilities are mostly gone at this point, he’s fantastic on the mic and could easily be a great manager or mouthpiece of a stable. Instead they job him out in a pointless TV match and cast him off again.

  2. cold says:

    I agree, I invision RAVEN leading a dark faction much like his flock of previous years

  3. Matt says:

    Only a matter of time until Vince owns TNA.

  4. Denis says:

    You know, I really don’t understand TNA. They have better workers than WWE (at least the younger guys), yet they still have no direction. That can be solved by getting rid of Vince Russo, quit wasting money on old, washed up talent (you know who you are), and start having storylines that make sense. A.J. Styles, Abyss, The Pope, MMG, Matt Morgan, Beer Money, they all could lead the company, and should, Ric Flair can be kept on as the mouthpiece for Fortune; he can still cut a great promo, as can Mick Foley. But I don’t want to see either (or Hogan, for that matter) in the ring. Raven would have been great leading a dark faction, I agree. TNA has the talent, just no direction.

  5. RZ says:

    OK TNA I’m done with you

  6. DeathNote81 says:

    I WAS gonna argue that TNA doesn’t need anymore factions (which is true), but I do agree that having Raven around makes things more interesting. Always liked him, probably always will.

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