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News on Shawn Michaels, Eric Bischoff, and Christian York

– When asked on his official Facebook page for his thoughts on WWE’s Nexus storyline, TNA’s Eric Bischoff wrote: “Boring as hell. Paint drying > Nexus.”

– From Carl Dantes: WWE star Shawn Michaels joins N.D. hunting trip for a cause

– From Bill Behrens: Christian York (WCW,ECW.WWE) is now taking personal appearance and wrestling bookings through Bill Behrens and York is based out of Washington, DC/Virgina area.

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2 Responses

  1. Brandon says:

    infomercials > turning point

  2. Daniel says:

    LOL^ agreed.

    Bischoff is funny, I enjoy the Nexus storyline (even the boring Cena stuff) but I hate TNA…Bischoff is entitled to his opinion but I’d rather watch diva matches than anything in TNA (which is sad because 80% of my favorite wrestlers of all time are there)

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