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Report: Undertaker’s surgery and recovery time

Reported by Adam Martin of

The Undertaker was scheduled to undergo surgery this week for a torn rotator cuff. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that he had been working basically with one arm the last few weeks and was in a lot of pain. Undertaker was told a few weeks ago that he would need surgery as the damage to his shoulder was extensive. This is one of the main reasons they moved up the “Buried Alive” stipulation to Bragging Rights as it was originally scheduled for Survivor Series since he was slated to work the current European tour. At 45 years old, the length of recovery time is up in the air. The hope is that he will be back for Wrestlemania, but they are keeping all options open.

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  1. Dave says:

    Oh please Taker, retire while you can still walk unassisted. I don’t want to remember you as a beaten up 45 year old, who could barely work a wrestling match.

    I am one of Taker’s biggest fans but this is depressing. I hope he recovers for Mania, though and I hope he can come through this latest setback

  2. James says:

    I want it to go down this way if possible when or if The Undertaker does decide to retire. Retire at WWE Wrestlemania ?? undefeated maybe win the WWE Champiosnhip or WWE World Heavyweight Championship for the last time & not go to TNA wrestling like Ric Flair did.

  3. Kyle says:

    Ok man… not to start something but you throwing this out about Taker being a beaten 45 year old man… Do you remember Mania 25 this man went out and had what could be the greatest match in the WWE history with Shawn Micheals… You call yourself a Taker fan, guess the truth is your not evene a true wrestling fan if you can tell the world that Taker can’t wrestle a Match. I hope he comes back in Time for Mania to kick ass at the grandest stage of them all like he always does

  4. Richard says:

    Let’s be honest, Taker is on his last legs. He has one of the most lenient schedules of anybody going right now and still can’t remain uninjured for very long. It seems almost every match could be his last. He needs to take off a full year at least after Mania. From Mania to Mania. This 3-6 month vacation every couple months isn’t cutting it.

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