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NWA DAWG Pound 11-6-10 Quick Results

NWA DAWG Pound 11-6-10 Quick Results from Kashmir’s in Vineland,NJ

Roxie Cotton defeated Ray Ray Marz in the opening contest.. Fans hated Ray Ray and loved Roxie

Joey Spades won a Battle Royal last eliminating Dan Murdoch

Dan Murdoch defeated LJ Cruz in a match where both impressed NWA DAWG Pound Officials

Fierce Fuego pinned Geoffry Bravo in an international bout..

Mike Goldstien won over Jace D. Face

Tommy Force defeated Steve Off in a very good encounter

Joey Spades made Matt Saigon Submit to the Texas Hold’em… Matt Saigon hurt his ankle back during the match.. We at NWA DAWG Pound wish Matt a Speedy Recovery…

In the Main Event Jojo defeated Johnny Calzone but had to cheat with his feet on the ropes to do it

There will be a return to Kashmir’s in Vineland, NJ on Saturday March 26th

I want to thank every one who attended and worked the show.. You all did an amazing job

NWA DAWG Pound: Our Tradition has a Future

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