WWE investors conference call notes

Nov 4, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

Vince McMahon was “unable” to host WWE’s investors conference call this
morning. No explanation was given. The call was hosted by WWE CFO George
Barrios and WWE COO Donna Goldsmith which was largely uneventful.
Goldsmith talked about the need to create new main event talent to help
give the business a nudge in the right direction. She said the
retirement of Shawn Michaels coupled with the loss of Batista and
Jericho, plus injuries to Triple H and CM Punk had adversely affected
the company’s live event and PPV business. She noted that Wade Barrett
and Alberto Del Rio were both hot prospects for the future. She also
noted that sales of Nexus merchandise has increased since Cena in
storylines was forced to join the stable. Regarding the WWE TV Network,
she said the plan is to hold business meetings with potential partners
in January and then take things from there.

(credit: The Wrestling Globe Newsletter)

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