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Kevin Nash tweets about being on WWE PPV

Kevin Nash posted on Twitter last night, and had the following idea for Vince McMahon and WWE…

“Vince let me in the Rumble if I win i get taker at mania. If I lose I’ll join the kiss your ass club the next raw…………….DEAL?

Vince will smell the money he’ll snap out of his coma”

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7 Responses

  1. lewis says:

    id love to see taker nash at mainia

  2. steve says:

    no i dont want to see that again. i rather see STING vs UNDERTAKER

  3. Coolquip says:

    If Nash wins RR and faces GREAT KHALI at WM now that my friends will produce buyrates that rival all previous Wrestlemania buyrates COMBINED

  4. lollerskates says:

    taker vs nash??? if this were to happen…it will be like drinkin warm milk and tylenol at the same time..zZzzz

  5. Saint Savage says:

    Might as well have the Warrior vs Taker. Never did see the ending of that fued.

  6. Ronald B says:

    Loser Retires match, anyone?

  7. Matt says:

    Funny stuff Nash. Yeah, people would LOVE to see two 50 year olds, 10+ years past being valuable in the ring at Wrestlemania. Just brilliant.

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