Detailed WWE Montreal house show results

Nov 1, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

From Justin:

These are the results from the RAW world tour show

Hart Dynasty beat the Usos in a good opener. Montreal popped hard for Hard Dynasty. We want bret chants of course.

Yoshy Tatsu beat Zack Ryder. After this the nexus came out and destroyed tatsu. Barret cut a promo in french which was very funny”Parlez vous francais? Enough of that francais crap” he then told us how he’s destroying randy tonight.

Ezekiel Jackson beat Primo colon in about 5 mins. Big Zeke was over Some guy got ejected from the show for yelling in Primos face and giving him the finger.

Danielson made Miz tap out to the Lebelle lock. Miz got cheered and Danielson kinda got booed from the crowd. He’s a good worker nonetheless.

Melina and Gail Kim defeated Maryse and Alicia Fox in a tag match Montreal went nuts for Maryse the place exploded. She took a welcome back to Montreal sign from a fan and ripped it up then proceeded to fan herself with it. Funny.

Goldust beat Ted DiBiase in a good match. Goldust is over hard Suprisingly he was topic of the night everyone kept saying how great he looked considering how long he’s been wrestling,

Intermission and after that Nexus(Otunga and Mcgillicutty) beat Mark Henry in a handicap match.

Shaemus beat John Morrison. Everyone popped hard for starship pain. Shaemus is a ghost.

Randy Orton beats Wade Barret in a cage match. Man Randy Orton looks ike a lizard. I’m talking hardcore. Montreal popped hard for him though.

All in all great show. A lot of people wanted to see Cena but he was not there. A lot of older nexus fans though which was awesome. All the young kids had Cena shirts and all the adults had Nexus shirts. Hope they come back soon

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