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Tons of Mattel WWE news from Ringside Fest 2010

– Mattel’s current contract with WWE goes until 2015.

– Mattel has been very happy with the sales of the WWE line thus far.

– Owen Hart and Chris Benoit will never be made by them.

– WWE has only told them one name they are now allowed to make but they would not reveal who that is.

– They are now allowed to make anyone who is currently with TNA.

– A Magnum TA figure is in the works.

– They are currently working on figures for Nexus, Alberto Del Rio, Micheal Cole and Paul Bearer.

– There are plans to do an all WCW line.

– There are no plans to do anything based around ECW.

– There are no plans to release any of the McMahon family.

– Eddie Guerrero will get a figure in 2011.

– There are plans to release Mysterio in most of his super hero costumes. Mattel also has the DC toys rights so they could make any character owned by DC such as The Joker.

– There is talk of a 12 inch line.

– CM Punk is the hardest figure to make since he is always changing his look.

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  1. Big Tony says:

    NO ECW no money from me! WCW had Raven, Sandman, Public Enemies, Stevie Richards, Shane Douglas, Sunny and Chris Candido, Mike AWESOME and Terry Funk so maybe they can USE THE LOOP HOLE.

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