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Road Dogg talks the origins of the New Age Outlaws

From Big Daddy Donnie:

BG James AKA The Road Dogg Jesse James joined Tha O Show this week and detailed the conversation that led to his end in TNA

In a candid 35-minute interview on Tha O Show, BG James talks openly about subjects such as; the real reason he left the WWF(E) in 1995, the origins of the New Age Outlaws and who’s idea it REALLY was for him and Billy Gunn to team-up, the origins of his popular catch-phrases, and what his thoughts are on the current role road agents in WWE. Here is a small excerpt from the interview….

“They’ve got some good agents up there (WWE) but all their agents seem to be good wrestlers and I don’t know too many good wrestlers who ever sold a ton of DVDs or t-shirts, you’ve kinda got to be a good entertainer and a good wrestler”.
To check out the interview in its entirety, please visit WWW.THAOSHOW.COM

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  1. Hipnosis says:

    Frickin O!! Tha O Show has surfaced on Gerweck AWESOME! lol Hulk Hogan’s gotta be on tha O show next time longer

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