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Report: Team 3D sign new multi-year TNA deals

Reported by Adam Martin of

According to a report by PWInsider, TNA sources have confirmed that Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) signed new multi-year deals with the company last week. There was some communication between 3D and WWE in a possible attempt to revamp the current tag team division, but nothing went further. There was also some interest by WWE in bringing in Brother Ray as a producer/agent when he decides to officially retire. He has already been working as an agent for TNA for a while now. Dixie Carter was described as heavily pushing the re-signing of 3D to the company.

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  1. zelix says:

    what a waste of cash. dixie dumbass needs to put aside her emotional baggage and make cold, hard business decisions when it comes to talent. tna does not need team 3d. the money they spend on them over the next couple years could go to the women’s division, or to production, or get this: freakin’ MARKETING.

    Sting, team 3D, nash, flair, hogan, bischoff——–> 2 million dollars in salary right there…..

  2. Paul says:

    So if the Dudley Boyz… I mean Team 3D… have signed new deals with TNA, what’s with the stupid "retirement match" against the Motor City Machineguns at the next TNA PPV? Hasn’t this "retirement" angle been played out far too often when the wrestlers end up signing contract extensions or jump to another organization to continue their careers. Stop these "retirement" angles altogether. They’re getting so boring and they take away from the legitimacy, if there is any, when a wrestler actually decides to retire.

  3. Ryan says:

    Glad they’ve re-signed. Should be a nice kick up the arse to TNA’s lacking tag division. Hopefully we don’t have to see much more Generation Me; thank god for that!

  4. tony storm says:

    what a waste of time! Who the hell wants more team 3d!
    and generation me is worlds better in the ring than bubba and devon have ever been, don’t get me wrong they had there time
    how dare they act like it’s not time to move on
    now if they are just gonna be agents that’s great!
    they have great minds for the business,but as in ring talent! No go
    tna has enough over the hill past there prime wrestlers!

  5. Phillip says:

    Nash is retired, his contract with TNA was up on the 13th… So he is gone, but Sting is not

  6. tommy says:

    stings contract ends in january and for the team 3d they want singles action now thus the tag team is retired.

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