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The rumor that had to start, Undertaker vs. Lesnar

The big rumor making the rounds is that WWE is trying to get Brock Lesnar
to get to WrestleMania and fight the Undertaker and yesterday’s little
exchange following the fight cage side was all a stunt to try and kick
things off so to speak. When reporter Ariel Helwani
interviewed Dana White after the show and specifically mentioned the
WrestleMania rumor, the UFC President said that he finds it hard to believe
that Brock wants to go back to professional wrestling although he doesn’t
know if Brock is interested or not. He said that The Undertaker has been
present at several UFC shows as he is a big fan of mixed martial arts and
Brock is “one of his guys” so if they were going back and forth, “it’s
because they are friends.”

(thanks to Colin Vassallo)

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6 Responses

  1. Masta says:

    Dana doesn’t want one of his top draws back in WWE, of course he would downplay it.

  2. jcubur says:

    UFC contracts don’t allow working for any other promotion, so unless Brock leaves, he’s not going to WWE.

    Personally, I find it sad that WWE now has to try to piggyback off other company’s success to build feuds, rather than writing storylines and characters.

  3. Ashley says:

    I don’t believe this is a case where the WWE has to "piggyback" off of other company’s succes. A non-WWE reporter mentioned to a non-WWE official of a non-WWE company that "rumors" were circulating about Brock being enticed into facing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27.

    That is honestly the most absurd and unsubstantiated thing I’ve heard in awhile, and yet the WWE get’s blamed for it? Please.

    Where did Ariel get that rumor from? Sting is more likely to appear at Wrestlemania than Brock. But again, that’s why these things are called "rumors."

    It’s one thing to blame the WWE for their crap story lines and lackluster characters. Please don’t blame them for stuff they had nothing to do with.

    And to think, it wasn’t that long ago when fans were bashing the WWE for NOT LETTING Taker go to a UFC fight…

  4. Johnny Fenoli says:

    Rampage worked for one night in the WWE, while under a UFC contract…

  5. n8tivegoat says:

    although rampage did not fight on raw-he was there to promote the A-Team movie so that would not be a breakage of his UFC contract

  6. Heywood Jablome says:

    rampage would destroy anybody in the wwe

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