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Wanted: Your WWE Bragging Rights PPV Predictions

Don’t forget, our live coverage of WWE’s Bragging Rights PPV starts Sunday night at 8PM ET!

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  1. joao says:


  2. haidar says:

    team smackdown
    daniel bryan

  3. Chris F says:

    1) Dolph Ziggler
    2) Natalya – want her to be champ + it will make the score 1 each for Raw and SD.
    3) Wade Barret might win, not sure though.
    4) Team Raw, therefore they win the trophey. Think they have the slightly better team + don’t see SD winning 2 years in a row.
    5) Undertaker/Kane ??? Really don’t know. Taker should win after 2 ppv loses to Kane but still not sure.

  4. KING444 says:

    -Randy Orton (John Cena will help Barrett in the end then miz will come in and cash in the MIB)
    -Team Raw
    -Daniel Bryan

  5. Vayne13 says:

    I’m going to say Natalya by DQ or Count Out.

    Daniel Bryan over Dolph Ziggler in what will be one of the best matches of the night.

    Kane retains. I think Undertaker gets Buried Alive (oh my) and goes away until Royal Rumble.

    I’m picking The Miz simply because Team Smackdown has dominated leading into Bragging Rights. I say this The Miz instead of Team Raw because The Miz will get the most benefits from the victory.

    I’m going to assume Wade Barrett probably has to win this match. If he don’t, I predict John Cena vs. Randy Orton at the next overpriced PPV with the stipulation being Cena to capture the championship for Barrett.

    Overall, 45 dollars for 5 matches. Is anybody really paying for this?

  6. Kyle Kosiba says:

    1) Daniel Bryan Via Tapout
    2) Natalya Via Tapout
    3) Team Smackdown
    4) Wade Barrett
    5) Kane

  7. J-Ro says:

    Hmm let’s see.

    A Buried Alive match usually has no conclusion of a feud, so I want to say Undertaker to win and this will most likely result in Kane’s retirement.

    Well, with Orton working through a shoulder injury, I can’t see Wade Barrett winning, but with Cena in his corner, Barrett will probably threaten to fire Cena if he doesn’t win. So, just to be safe, I’ll go with Orton for the win or @ least retains incase Cena gets Barrett DQed. He already sneaked a way to get a Multi-World Champion into his faction, so who knows who he’ll do to become WWE Champion.

    LayCool will likely get the win. I like Natalya, but usually anytime someone has the Freebird Rule, the reign is normally longterm. Not to mention I doubt Bragging Rights is the type of PPV were more than one title will change hands.

    Team Raw over Smackdown only because SD! got the win last year and won the majority of their matches on Friday.

    Dolph Ziggler will get the win over Daniel Bryan, only because The bigger champion usually wins against the lighter champion.

  8. Bryan lee says:

    1. Daniel Bryan vs Dolph ziglers

    winner Daniel Bryan

    2.diva tittle
    Natalya vs Layla
    winner natalya raw vs team smackdown

    winner team

    4. wwe tittle
    randy Orton vs wade Barrett
    winner randy Orton

    5. world heavyweight tittle
    undertaker vs kane
    winner undertaker

  9. Ryan Eder says:

    Orton-Barret=I’m gonna say Barret finds a way to win it, giving him credibility for future matches possibly him facing cena at mania?

    Taker-Kane= Probably Kane, which will give Taker time off to come back 100% for another big match at mania.

    Smackdown-Raw= Tough one, I’m gonna have to go with Team RAW. I don’t know why Reks is even on Team Smackdown.

    Bryan-Ziggler= Bryan leaving Dolph defeated and Vickie comes in to add insult to injury or some other drama happens.

    I just hope barret wins.

  10. Seth Rollins says:

    Kane Orton Natalya via DQ Team Raw Bryan

  11. andrew sousa says:

    ok here we go

    laycool wins wow who cares about a divas match like really??

    bryan and ziggler this is gonna be a tough one but i say bryan wins and vickie starts to get a crush on bryan…who cares

    undertaker and kane well this is gonna be a good one undertake losing to matchs in a row agianst kane so everyone has to think that undertaker win but i say no kane wins for alot of reasons 1 undertaker always beats his brother so its time to but undertaker in his place.. this will be undertakers last match…as much as i want totalk about this match i have to move on.

    team raw and team smackdown well i have to say team smackdown, raw has all the good wreslters and smackdown needs a push since they moved channels so i say team smackdown.

    wade and randy well this is whats gonna happen randy wins wade gets all mad and tells cena o give randy a AA(stfu) then the MIZ comes out and cashes in his money in the bank they kinda already said tht on raw a couple of weeks ago..

    I think the ppv will be good other then the divas match like really why have a divas match no one cares they are boring but anyways i will give this ppv a 7 out of 10

  12. Ed says:

    Orton vs. Barrett, Cena by mistake costs Barrett the gold. Cena does not do this on purpose but by mistake, Orton retains.
    Kane vs. Undertaker, Kane wins by having a lot of help from the current heels of the WWE. I would however bring in former foes of the Undertaker like Sid, Vader, Kamala, JBL, Heidenich & etc. Undertaker is hurt & this will explain his absence. Bearer’s hired help.
    Natayla vs. Michelle McCool, Natayla is your new Divas Champion.
    Team Raw wins over Team Smackdown, the Miz has been jobbing why too much lately & Big Show does not win a lot on pay-per-view anyway.
    Bryan vs. Ziggler, Bryan wins by tap out the only way Ziggler wins is by Guerrero’s interfece.
    Goldust vs. Dibiase, Goldust wins by pinfall.

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