Review: WWE Films “Knucklehead”

Oct 22, 2010 - by staff

If you take your kids to this, you deserve the inevitable fist to nuts.

A distinctly shameless and shoddily made family comedy, this WWE production for wrestler Big Show (Wight) turns an already saccharine plot into a toxic, fart-laden piledriver. Our hero is gentle-giant Walter (“I guess I’m just a knucklehead!”), a 35-year-old who still lives at the orphanage where he was reared. After accidentally burning down the kitchen and putting his home in financial jeopardy, Walter is literally thrown—by a nun through a stained-glass window—into the life of hustler Eddie (Feuerstein). Running from his gambling debts, Eddie’s praying for a new fighter to manage. Prayers answered?

Alas, no: The movie doesn’t magically end there, with a refund of your money. A mere plot summary can’t begin to approximate the way you’ll feel manhandled by a stridently wacky orchestral score (more syrup for your pancakes?) and story elements seemingly selected by a brain-dead Hulkamaniac. Is it fair to include both an unattached blond teacher and a cute orphan with abandonment issues? Wight himself is a benign, dopey presence; you don’t mind him. But it’s a mistake for the big lug to shoot so broadly for the middle. It takes a special kind of failure to make Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s efforts look like models of sparkling wit and unpredictability.—Joshua Rothkopf

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