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News on Brock Lesnar and Austin Aries

– From Brock Lesnar — Beware Montezuma’s Revenge!

– From Gabe: Just a heads up, Austin Aries has broken his silence and written this blog:

If you can’t access it on Facebook, here it is:

A Double Dose Of Reality 10/21/10
By Austin Aries

We live in a time where anybody can be a “source” and easily spread “information” via our social networks. People can sell their opinions and judgments as facts, all while hiding behind the screen name of airplanespinarooni00. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, and much like wrestling, it can be hard to tell what’s real and what’s real fake. A Double Dose of Reality will try to separate fact from fiction and help perception match reality. Here’s today’s dose:

The following blog was posted yesterday regarding my departure from ROH

Since news of my “time off” from ROH, I’ve been receiving a lot of requests for all types of interviews. No doubt there’s been speculation and questions, but very little information or answers about the recent changes in my wrestling career. I’ve been selective in what I’ve offered to this point because I want to be careful not to make any “emotionally charged statements.”

I have a reputation of shooting from the hip. I’m passionate, direct and open. I’ve been told that I “say the things that other people think, but wouldn’t think to say.” While some appreciate this candor, I’ve learned it’s not always welcomed with open arms… or ears. But, it’s also true that how and when a message is delivered can be just as important as the message itself.

On Oct. 29th I’ll be making my debut for Dragon Gate USA in Fall River, MA. This DGUSA show will also be broadcast live, worldwide, on iPPV at I’ve asked and been guaranteed time to take the stage, microphone in hand, with no parameters or restraints as to what I can say. Live, unedited, uncensored. No filter, no spin, no speculation. This would seem like the perfect time to make an “emotionally charged statement”, or maybe a thoughtful, pointed message. The opportunity to set the record straight, straight from my mouth. What will I say with this opportunity? That’s one question that, until it happens, even I don’t know the answer to.

If you can’t be in Fall River, MA on Oct. 29th you CAN see and hear all the excitement DGUSA has to offer, LIVE as it unfolds. Go to or for details. It could be the dose of reality that shoots a little life into your wrestling universe.

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