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– According to these are the 25 greatest talkers in the history of the WWE.
25 Sheamus
24 Rick Rude
23 Santino Marella
22 ted dibaise
21 The Miz
20 Jesse Ventura
19 Triple H
18 Paul Heyman
17 Edge
16 Vince McMahon
15 Billy Graham
14 Mick Foley
13 Hulk Hogan
12 CM Punk
11 Randy Savage
10 JBL
9 Bobby Heenan
8 Dusty Rhodes
7 John Cena
6 Jake Roberts
5 Chris Jericho
4 Ric Flair
3 The rock
2 Roddy Piper
1 Stone cold

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20 Responses

  1. Jonno says:

    Sheamus? Are you serious? SHEAMUS?! Because no promo is more breathtaking and more incredible than saying "I’m the WWE Champion, and I’m gonna beat you up, fella." Why would you favour that over someone like Randy Orton or Big Show or even The Undertaker? PATHETIC.

  2. mth says:

    Sheamus is a better talker than Orton. Orton doesn’t belong on the list. Big Show and Undertaker absolutely do, though. Kane, as well, and Goldust.

  3. Ed says:

    Where are the following:
    Shawn Michaels
    Arn Anderson
    Road Warrior Hawk

    Vince McMahon
    Santino Marella
    Paul Heyman

  4. MK says:

    Sheamus is better than HBK? Really?

  5. Vayne13 says:

    Not sure how Sheamus, Santino and Randy Orton made the list, but I’m also not sure how The Ultimate Warrior, The Boogeyman, Brutus Beefcake missed the cut. Nobody broke down the importance of a match or feud with words better than the Warrior, and when Beefcake spoke I always listened. The Great Khali, Eli Cottonwood and The Headbangers have also been known to grab my attention, yet they were not even given honorable mentions. What about the Repo Man? Skinner? Mo from Men on a Mission? The Warlord? So many snubs. Reading that list has ignited a burning rage in the pit of my stomach.

  6. phil says:

    They didn’t even put HBK on the List? Pathetic….

  7. steve says:

    this list is a joke

  8. Jay says:

    more lame wwe politics leaving out shawn michaels, you dont just forget hbk, so theyve left him out for other reasons

  9. Rick says:

    For those people that say Randy Orton doesn’t belong on the list….

    HE ISN’T ON IT!!!

    But yea, where is Christian, Show, Kane and Taker?

  10. Brett says:

    I don’t know why Chris Jericho is #5, hell why is The Rock #3? Top 3 should be 1) The Rock 2) Chris Jericho 3) Roddy Piper

  11. Sir says:


    I agree wholeheartedly about the snubbing of Men on a Mission!

    Who could forget when Mabel won the 1995 kotr and Mo got on the stick to proclaim him to the audience, classic promo!

    And how about Sid? Quiet, loud, quiet, loud… So clever of him devising that speech style!

  12. Joe says:


  13. Austin says:

    im kinda surprised christian didn’t make the list. he’s one of the best talkers period. no surprise that the rock and chris jericho made the list and are pretty high on it. i think sheamus being put on there was a joke just because he says “fella” every chance he gets. i like that miz made the list and honestly, i believe the miz is like the new young y2j. say what you want but pay attention and look back and you’ll see what i mean.

  14. Matt says:

    this list means absolutely nothing

  15. James says:

    Jim Cornette said that these lists are stupid. He said it is all about politics.

  16. Logan says:

    “Oi ya toof ferry fella!”- Sheamus (every episode of Raw)

  17. Dale Cooper says:

    John Cena at #7? All he does is cut heavily scripted unconvincing promos in his street preacher voice. And occasionally throw in some lame gay jokes and PG “humor” that apparently 10 year olds find funny.

    HBK not being on there is a joke obviously, but it does lend credence to the rumors that Vince is pissed at him for daring to retire.

  18. N. Gaijin says:

    @Vayne13 & Sir
    Kudos. I bow to your wit. The only thing funnier in this comment space than the people complaining about a guy getting on a list he isn’t even on.

    I was actually expecting a much more laughable list, but this one looks like someone actually put some thought into the choices. Even though I like Orton, I probably would’ve just shrugged this list off if he had made it. Good list, I would’ve put Jericho even higher, but I’m a mark… so yeah.

  19. Heywood Jablome says:

    santino is the best talker im suprised kane aint up there

  20. Heywood Jablome says:

    they even play music win kane talks

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