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Update on Batista’s MMA Aspirations

Former WWE World Heavyweight champion Batista continues to hint to signing a MMA contract, even suggesting it will happen early next year. Strikerforce’s Scott Coker told Dave Meltzer that they are in the “home stretch” in terms of contract negotiations, and appear to be close on financial terms. Meltzer has stated that Batista told him he wants a three fight deal, in which Batista would face a lower tier fighter in his first fight, Bobby Lashley in his second fight, and then in his last fight face a top MMA heavyweight.

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  1. Mimuran says:

    sounds rather reasonable considering Brock’s first fight was against Min Soo Kim in K-1, Lashley’s first fight was against Josh Franklin in the MFA!
    I really am wondering what kind of numbers (in terms of dollars) are being passed between the parties involved! I’m expecting something between 50-100k/fight, but I can be easily surprised!

  2. Sub Zero says:

    Batista was asking for $500K/fight and what if he gets beat by a marginal MMA fighter in his first fight?

  3. Mimuran says:

    if Batista loses to a marginal mma fighter, I can guarantee he’s one and done with the company

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