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Names in discussion for 2011 WWE Hall of Fame

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Names that remain in discussion for next year’s 2011 WWE Hall of Fame in Atlanta during Wrestlemania 27 weekend include Ron Simmons, Lex Luger and Bill Goldberg reports The Wrestling Observer Newsletter. There was also interest in inducting the Four Horseman as a group, but that would only depend on Ric Flair’s availability and if he wasn’t still signed with TNA after this year. The same discussion was made about Sting, but that again depends on his contractual status with TNA.

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  1. Ed says:

    I would vote for Ron Simmons, Bill Goldberg & Sting. I would not vote for Lex Luger, he was one of the most over rated guys in the last 20 years. Politics is what kept him getting his push, it sure wasn’t that he was a top draw. Luger was not an innoviator & didn’t but butts in the seats. The Four Horsemen belong in, but I was hoping Arn Anderson would get in my himself. I guess Chris Beniot will get in after all. (I didn’t mean that as a joke.) I hope Paul Roma doesn’t think he belongs in since he was a mistake as a part of that elite group & so was Lex Luger & Steve McMichael. Luger had the body but was slow & could only do a few basic moves. Roma, was a glorified jobber in the WWE & McMichael all he could do was a pile driver. Winning the USA from Jeff Jarrett what a joke. If they are going to do a WCW alumni theme I would choose the following:

    I do realize that a lot of these had their best runs in the WWE. However as long as they are WCW Alumni I included them.

    1. Road Warriors, best tag-team ever. Biggest draw ever for a team.
    2. Miss Elizabeth, the original female MGR.
    3. Ron Simmons, a great worker & well liked by all.
    4. Bill Goldberg, one of the biggest draws during his career.
    5. Sting, the best wrestler of all time never to wrestle for the WWE.
    6. The Honkey Tonk Man, one of the best heels ever, the fans couldn’t wait for him the loose the IC Title, that’s the main reason he kept it so long, it wasn’t because he was a great wrestler, but a great draw.
    7. Big Boss Man, a great draw fans paid to watch him loose/win depending on his character what more can you ask for.
    8. One Man Gang, a great draw until he got on Vince’s bad side. How else to explain Akeem.
    9. Ravising Rick Rude should have been WWE World Champion, Hulk Hogan held him down.
    10. The British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith, a good wrestler that knew how to move.
    11. Kevin Sullivan, a great heel who would stop at nothing to end Hulkamania & had awesome feud with Chris Benoit.
    12. Haku, a great wrestler who in a real fight would have beaten 99% of his foes & that includes Hulk Hogan.
    13. The Barbarian, see Haku.
    14. The Ultimate Warrior, when I was a kid I was a fan of his, however when I became a teen & wised up I realized that he sucked but he was a top draw whenever he was in the WWE/WCW. That has to count for something.
    15. Dean Malenko, one of the best elite cruiser weight wrestlers ever.
    16. Mike Rotundo, a great worker who turned bad gimmicks into workable gimmicks.
    17. The Four Horsemen, the best smallest stable ever!
    18. The New World Order, the best largest stable ever!
    19. Harlem Heat, one of the best tag-teams ever, & Booker T. gets in a singles wrestler as well.
    20. The Steiner Brothers, see Harlem Heat. Both great workers but Scott took a nose dive as worker after the roids explosion. However, did get World title pushes & runs in WCW/WWE go figure.
    21. Scott Norton, the 2nd best wrestler ever to not wrestle in the WWE.
    22. Arn Anderson, a great worker & one of the best interviewers ever.
    23. Jake the Snake Roberts, the best wrestler of all time never to win any gold in WWE/WCW.
    24. Kevin Nash, a top draw but very limited in the ring. Had a side walk slam, in the corner splash, & power bomb. That’s all folks.
    25. Scott Hall, a top draw but personnal demons stopped him for becoming world champion.

  2. joia king says:

    ok seriously if you think goldberg is worthy and not lex luger you need to watch more wrestling you waterhead

  3. joia king says:

    also try watching some early WCW and NWA then make a comment on luger

  4. Jay says:

    more baffling wwe politics. so what if it’s atlanta, does bill goldberg really need to be in the H.O.F alongside names like andre, hogan and austin? surely they could find another role for him to attract the old wcw crowd if that is what they are after.

  5. steve says:

    Yes Sting is a wrestling icon. But why should he be inducted to WWE hall of Fame. He has never wrestled in the WWE or WWF. When Danile Bryon Came they said he has around the world experince but he had 0 experince in WWE. Does The same go for Sting. he has 0 experince in WWE.

  6. Damian says:

    it’s because WWE purchased WCW…. therefore anyone that wrestled for WCW and not WWE, TECHNICALLY did wrestle for WWE.

  7. Kevin says:

    Lex Luger inducted before Miss Elizabeth…bullpucky.

  8. joe says:

    what about the freebirds and the fourhorseman

  9. K.C. says:

    Really… Nobody’s even gonna bother to mention the Macho Man. Randy Savage is far more deserving than all other selections. It would only be fitting if he was inducted along side Miss Elizabeth and his father, posthumously.

  10. joe says:

    i think that jim crockett sr will be one of the names for the wwe hall of fame class of 2011

  11. joe says:

    i dont think teddy long should be in the hall of fame

  12. Will1 says:

    The fact or tragedy that Randy Savage is STILL not a HOFer is one of the greatest injustices in the history of sports, politics and…the world!! I’m totally blown away that yet ANOTHER year is coming (and going) and Macho still isn’t a legitimate candidate…for whatever reason. There is NO ONE more deserving that remains on the outskirts of the Hall of Fame. If this continues, the significance of the Hall of Fame SHOULD be questioned. If you kissed Vince’s ass…that’s the pass in…not how GREAT, talented, popular etc a talent is. It depresses me to even have to write this post. SMH!

  13. joe says:

    because savage walked out on the wwe in late 1994 and went to wcw a month later thats why the macho man is not in the wwe hall of fame. maybe someday he will go in.

  14. joe says:

    i think if vince puts lex luger in the hall of fame this year their is something wrong, maybe next year put people in that made a huge difference in the wrestling bussiness. i still think the roadwarriors will go in this year and wahoo.

  15. eric says:

    Ok here we go first just because its in atlanta wcw hall of fame it will not be it will be the year of attitude with shawn the rock hhh mick foley and kane that’s who its going to be guys enjoy

  16. joe says:

    the wwe needs to put in a big class this year wm is in atlanta

  17. Josh Hans says:

    I think that Bill Goldberg should be in HOF. The main reason is because of the Streak he had in WCW. The only way it was stopped because of a Taser wond. Had Nash and Hall not had that then the Streak would have soured higher.

  18. Josh Hans says:

    Also the First Guy to break into a Pod in the Elimination Chamber match.

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