10/16 ROH house show results from Chicago Ridge, IL

Oct 17, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

* Bobby Dempsey and Mike Sydal vs. Tony Kozina and Dillinger.Dempsey and Sydal win when Dempsey hits a fallaway slam on Dillinger for the win.

1.) Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole vs. The All Night Express is the opener.Titus and King win when Titus pins O’Reilly after a neckbreaker to the knee.Fun opener.

2.) Andy Ridge vs. Ricky Reyes is up now.Reyes wins via powerbomb suplex combo.Reyes mocks Ridge who responds with a superkick.

3.) Lady Jo-Jo and Neveah vs. Daizee Haze and Craft is up now.Neveah over Craft via small package.

4.) Kevin Steen vs. Homicide is up now.Homicide wins via super ace crusher.Great brawl with weapons and blood.Postmatch Cide puts down TNA and puts over ROH.Steen attacks Cide and they have a pull-apart brawl.


5.) The Metal Master vs. Mike Mondo opens the 2nd half.Metal Master wins via crossface.

Return date for Chicago Ridge is February 26,2011 and it’s an I-PPV.

6.) Kings Of Wrestling vs. Briscoes is up now.Hero eliminates Mark via loaded elbow pad on a Briscoe Doomsday Device attempt.Jay Briscoe pinned Claudio to eliminate him and then when Hero tried to use the elbow pad Jay defeated Hero with a backslide.

7.) Colt Cabana vs. Steve Corino I-Quit Match is up now.Colt wins in a brutal match.Steen got out of the straightjacket and helped Corino until the locker room got him to the back.Cabana digs a piece of the table in the head for the win.

8.) Christopher Daniels vs. Davey Richards is up now.Davey wins in 28:45 via ankle lock variation.Awesome match and they shake hands.Daniels puts over Davey and thanks him for giving 100 percent.Davey asks Daniels for a 2nd match down the line.

End of Show

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