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Photos: Mickie James’ new TNA ring gear

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  1. A.C. says:

    AC approved

  2. David R. says:

    a prettier version of odb

  3. Johnny Fenoli says:

    I’M OUT…

  4. Gustavo says:

    Well, she is HOT!! And some people say that she is fat… Idiots :S

  5. cold says:

    thick like Cornbread

  6. Billy says:

    Loving her new attire she is sexy and talented. Love me some thickie Mickie nothing fat just thick and sexy. PHAT

  7. Ryan says:

    So in other words she is supposed to look like one of the women that frequent a street corner and the back of a car at night?

  8. gobbeldy GOOKER!@% says:


  9. Rex Anderson says:

    ahh well, she gotta wear something

  10. Bey says:

    Not really feelin’ the outfit.

    She has put on some weight since her debut in WWE, but I still think she looks good. But, I prefer thick over stick thin.

  11. Riten says:

    .. No She Don’t.

  12. IronHyde says:

    Thick in all the right anatomical areas, in my opinion…

  13. C.K. says:

    Mmm…she is lookin’ good.

  14. James says:

    She did porn before she got into pro wrestling. I approve of her gear but hey she is very attractive…

  15. Bey says:

    I don’t think she did porn. It was just pictures for men’s magazines.

  16. tommy says:

    and people keep talking bout mickies porn and wasnt porn at all wasnt even her in the videos everyone has their own ideas on how to make money and she did what she thought was right for her at the time what would you do in her shopes the same thing. or we would all be still flipping those bugrers and asking want fries wiuth that? and you ppl think shes fat try looking ion your mirrors and also i know i am fat but i try and do something bout it what do most peoople do just bne couch potatoes and complain on others…

  17. Krys says:

    She looks good there, but I can’t help but think that she reminds me of Nidia back when she was paired up with Jamie Noble…

  18. Bey says:

    Hey Tommy…no one said she was fat. We said she was thick, but still looks really good. Calm down, trooper.

    And you’re right about the porn. She did do a layout for a men’s mag (which is no big deal, really), but the porn vid was a look-a-like, not Mickie.

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