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Jeff Hardy on WWE’s treatment of Matt Hardy

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The Daily Star in the UK is featuring an interview with TNA Champion Jeff Hardy where he discusses WWE’s treatment of his brother Matt Hardy since he left the company.

“I’m not going to give WWE their props for the way they’ve dealt with Matt. He is such a giving talent, ready to do anything for them, and he’s been given the run-around. They’ve treated him like sh*t. I think if he came here (TNA), you would see the happiest, most dangerous and exciting Matt Hardy you’ve ever seen. I hope that they let him leave and he shows up here any day now.”

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  1. A Bored Wrestling Fan! says:

    I think WWE releasing him is not a bad thing, at all. Now he can go be with Jeff in TNA as a heel or face and I think that’s the money spin, really. WWE knew they had nothing left for him to do in WWE, so they just fired his ass. Well, he never won a world title, but it’s not like he was getting over with the fans lately. I don’t really count the ECW title as being a world title, although it probably is. I’ve just looked upon it more of a novelty in WWE.

    Also, thank Christ WWE and TNA weeded their talent on their websites recently. At almost the same time, he brought back Tyler Reks. OK. Everybody thinks he’s a loser, but I like him and thank God TNA got rid of Suicide and Shark Boy. It was also my idea for Okada to tag team with Kiyoshi. They read my mind again, the *.

    But oh well. Matt Hardy will be in SvR 2011 just the same! Maybe we can use him better than WWE has done! But TNA actually has better wrestling right now. Never go PG.

  2. Stephon says:

    I guess the drug addict would like to team with his brother once more before he goes to jail.

  3. mojojojo says:

    "you would see the happiest, most dangerous and exciting Matt Hardy you’ve ever seen"

    lol i will give fatt hardy 3 to 6 months until he stars to behave like a "prima donna" and start to get heat on TNA, and of course EVERYONE knows that fatty will go to TNA come on! the funny thing is that jeff(as always) will overshadow his own brother.. just saying!

  4. KOOLGUy says:

    Drug and Fat Hardy will save TNA

  5. Riten says:

    You Guy’s Are Funny, But Seriously Poor Matt, He Must Have Sunk Pretty Low Considering He’s Joining TNA. He’ll Be A Mid Carder In TNA, I Couldn’t Imagin A Worse Hell

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