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Purchase price for the AWA video library

When WWE purchased the AWA tape library in 2003 from the Gagne family, it was for a price of $3 million, reports the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

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  1. reyo says:

    Hopefully they do more with it than make one AWA dvd.

  2. Paul says:

    So you mean to tell me that Vince McMahon paid more for the AWA video library than he did when he bought the World Championship Wrestling trademark? Ouch!

  3. Gary says:

    @ Paul, WCW cost 7 million.

  4. Paul says:

    Gary, Vince McMahon did not pay $7 million for World Championship Wrestling. I have no idea where you got that number from, because back in early 2001 when Eric Bischoff and his consortium were planning to buy WCW from AOL/Time Warner, McMahon pitched a deal to AOL to take away the WCW trademark and assets from AOL’s hands, and since AOL didn’t really care about professional wrestling, they just downloaded WCW to McMahon at a ridiculous price.

    Vince actually paid only $2.5 million for the WCW trademark, which included their video library and other assets. McMahon also paid $1.8 million in corporate legal fees for the transfer of properties. So the entire purchase of WCW cost McMahon $4.3 million, but that didn’t include the buyouts of 27 WCW wrestlers’ contracts.

    What I was referring to was the WCW trademark being worth less than what McMahon paid for the entire AWA video library.

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