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Matt Hardy released

According to, WWE has released Matt Hardy.

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  1. Krys says:

    In what may be seen as a surprise (or not much of one), Matt’s actually happy to have finally been released. I personally see it as a bad move on WWE’s part, due to them losing a huge fanbase, but if his being released made him happy, then it was all for the best.

  2. Kyle Kosiba says:

    yes thank god now he can go tna and reunited with jeff hardy and join hogans team

  3. Matt says:

    Finally. I have no idea why everybody thinks he is so good. He is 7 plus years past his prime. Yes, he was great around 2000 with Jeff as the Hardy Boyz but has been going downfall since. Now he can go to TNA with all the other former WWE superstars that are 5 years past all their glory days.

  4. DeathNote81 says:

    Well in three months, when his no-compete clause expires and Jeff has long since turned face again, they can do a MCMG’s vs. Hardys feud for the belts-sort of like an ULTIMATE CHALLENGE for the MCMG’s.

  5. Bey says:

    I’ve never found Matt all that exciting. For that matter, I’ve never cared for Jeff either.

  6. Paul says:

    Matt Hardy..HUGE fan base?? Hardy Boys YES.. but Matt alone was nothing more than a chance to go the bathroom. Im sure he’ll end up in TNA since they are known to make questionable decisions

  7. Chris says:

    If Matts move ser would have grown I’d call it a loss, but hes out of shape and never changes up his move set, even Jeff can crank a new one out every so often… When TNA fails good luck getting ur job back, maybe RoH will… Oh wait we tried that already….

  8. IronHyde says:

    WoW! I know i can be hard… but THIS is a tough room, here! Lol! Alot of over-the-top comments/& opinions on this.

  9. XYU says:

    Matt is past his prime and IMHO, he was never that great. This reminds me of when a bunch of WWF guys left for WCW, we all know how that went. I hope Vince and the boys can create another Stone Cold soon.

  10. Bey says:

    The only time I ever found him interesting is when Amy Dumas cheated on him with Adam Copeland or when he was pissed at Paul London beacause London was involved with Ashley Massaro around the same time Matt was. But as an on-air talent, I just never cared much for either Hardy Boy.

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