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TNA Impact SPOILERS for Thursday

Xplosion: X Division Champion Jay Lethal d. Amazing Red.

– Impact opens up with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Hogan says Dixie lied to him and sold him a false bill of goods when he joined TNA and now is was time for Hollywood to take over. He introduces us to team Hogan and calls out Hardy, Jarrett and Abyss. Fortune comes out and Flair tells Hogan that only one of them can run TNA. They have a stare down and then they hug. Hardy announces that he was behind the attack of Abyss on RVD. Eric Bischoff calls out Nash and Sting. He offers them a sport in the group and they turn it down.

– Madison Rayne comes to the ring and demands that Tara lay down and let her get the pin on her and win the Knockouts Title or she will rip up the papers she signed allowing her back in to TNA. Tara doesn’t want to do it but eventually does so Madison Rayne at least for now is your new Knockouts Champion. Mickie James comes out and Madison shoves Tara into her and runs off.

– Kurt Angle comes out with no music or special entrance. He says before he retires he wants answers. Jeff Jarrett comes out and says he lost so he must retire. Angle tries to attack Jarrett but police offers arrest Kurt and take him out of the building.

(1) Samoa Joe d. Abyss on a DQ when Abyss busted him open using the ring bell. RVD made the save and called out Hardy. Bischoff comes out instead and says tonight RVD will take on Anderson and the winner will take on Jeff Hardy at Turning Point for the TNA World Title.

(2) Fortune d. The Pope in a four on one handicap match.

– The Shore come out and cut a promo. JWoww comes out with the Beautiful People. Cookie makes fun on JWoww and they get into a cat fight which get’s broken up by Robbie E.

(3) Jeff Hardy vs Mr. Anderson ended in a no contest when Eric Bischoff pulled the referee out of the ring. Jeff Hardy then came down and laid out both Anderson and RVD with chair shots.

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  1. Rex Anderson says:

    NWO again, damn why is that so hard to get away from. I would greatly appreciate it if TNA would just make something new. I dont care if its Carlito, just get away from the NWO concept and stop stealing already done WWE ideas, the corporation gimmick has been done. Try something that no one has seen for once, geez!

  2. RZ says:

    I’m glad Jeff Hardy’s the champion, but not under these atrocious circumstances. I’ve only watched TNA for the past three months for Samoa Joe, Jeff, the Motor City Machine Guns and waiting for Raven to return. Now I’m just waiting for them to screw over MCMG. I’m done.

  3. Dale Cooper says:

    What exactly HASN’T been tried that no one has seen in wrestling?

  4. Matt says:

    NWO was not a WWE idea, if that is what you are getting at. NWO was a WCW idea which was not under WWE ownership at that point and time. So the NWO came from WCW and guess who Eric or Easy E. This time I think there is going to be something with a different twist.. I for one am willing to let it play out!

  5. Russ says:

    Ok. Jeff Hardy. Hulk Hogan. Jeff Jarrett. And Abyss. What do these guys have in common? Anybody? Theres no answer right? Thats because they have nothing in common. They aren’t a good faction. This is a cluster blank. A total cluster blank. Arn. Tully. Ole. Flair. JJ. Thats a faction. These eight guys holding up four fingers don’t work either. And nobodys really being built here. Most of em are still just in the shadows. Shame. What plate of scrambled eggs. ps… EV2 on the entire taping after they won. This ain’t goin anywhere folks.

  6. Rex Anderson says:

    Of course the NWO was a stolen WCW idea from Japan that they openly admitted. TNA has tried over and over again with these so called factions. First it was S.E.X, then it was Jeff Jarrett and and James Mitchells factions, then a so called Kevin Nash, Scott Hall same ol, same ol Kings of Wrestling lost thought of an idea, Main Event Mafia, now we have EV2, Fortune, and “They”. There are plenty of new ideas needed for wrestling, sadly the fans are better writers and more creative than the idiots hired to come up with the storylines.

  7. tony storm says:

    trash! Pure garbage! None of this makes any sense!
    so we get a combo of the nwo and the magnificent 7? Mickie james who is a real life a-hole, is getting pushed way to heavy when she hasn’t done anything in tna! And tara who might be the best pure wrestler in the knockouts division lays down for the smaller version of lacey von erich? Really! An arrested kurt angle? Jwoww got paid 15 grand to have a cat fight! Samoa joe! Wht the hell are they doing with him! He’s got to be screaming for his future endeavors from tna! Just stop tna! No more shore! No more hogan/bishoff! No more stables!
    let a.j fly! Let joe kill! Let the x division bring the damn house down!

  8. B-Dizzle says:

    @ Matt: Actually, NWO was actually a rehash of an angle in Japan in the 90’s, not a WCW invention. Bisch has said numerous times that was where he got the idea for the NWO from.

  9. Stephen says:

    Reminds me of the dying days of WCW. Just keep rehashing rather than come up with something different.

  10. chris says:

    Actually, the NWO angle can be traced back to some of the NWA mid south promotion of the mid 1970’s and has also been done in Mexico. Just like the movies kid, everything new has been done already.

  11. Heywood Jablome says:

    fortune and the nexsus sound in common

  12. Denis says:

    Yes, everything in wrestling has been done over and over and over. Writers just need to come up with fresh versions of angles. And ones that make sense. Having Flair and Hogan hug! Considering their past! Really? Nothing wrong with having stables. That’s been a wrestling staple over the years. The Four Horsemen. The Legion of Doom (not just Hawk and Animal), The Corporation. The NOD. nWo. Dudes with Attitudes (sorry about that one),The Brood, Hot Stuff, Inc. I could go on and on. I just hope and pray that this faction doesn’t run roughshod over TNA without the faces getting any revenge, like the old nWo did in WCW. Yes, TNA has made many mistakes, as has WWE. All I want is consistency in booking. Is that so hard? Heck, my 17 year old son, who knew nothing of the nWo, made the comment a few weeks ago that he thought “they” would turn out to be Hogan and Bischoff!

  13. Micheal says:

    Didn’t Team 3D say at BFG that they were going to break up but first they were going to take on MCMG on the following Impact!, yet no Team 3D vs MCMG…!?!?!?!?!? TNA, you are starting to make no sense.

  14. William M. says:

    Well like everyone has said, it’s all been done, there is possibly nothing that has not been done in the Prowrestling world. From The “Ultimate Bad Guy Stable”, to the “Lorena Bobbit angle”, to even “Movie Characters now in Wrestling”. Like many people say this reminds them of the last days of WCW, well the obvious reason is Vince Russo is the head writer.

    I agree We need some fresh story info, and that’s only going to happen when they start pushing Fresh Talent.

    My thoughts if I had Creative control:

    First: Break AJ out of Fortune. He’s a decent Heel but the character is just so wrong for him.
    Second: I don’t mind the They/Them/Hollywood/NWO Stable, but they need to make them like they were before, they were the AntiHeel/AntiFace team. They hated everybody that wasn’t part of their Group.They should be fueding with Fortune and Nash/Sting/Pope.
    Third: Lethal and the rest of the X Division should be pushed more. Lethal has earned the X-Division Title, but I would rather see him more as a World Champ myself.
    Forth: EV2.0 needs a little more action. They’re done with Fortune(Supposedly), so let’s have them start some other angles. Give Rhyno the TV Title or what ever they call it now. The only reason he doesn’t get the push he deserves is because Bischoff doesn’t like him.
    Fifth: Eric Young’s new Gimmick is great, but the tag team of him and Jordan isn’t going to last long if he keeps f’ing Jordan over in matches.I’m glad to see both of them getting more in ring action, but they need to do something different, like Young acting the fool, but then comes through in the end.
    Sixth: The Knocks are fun and all and add a bit of Spice to the Show, but I agree they need to stop pushing the Already Established Former WWE stars as the Knock out Champ. I would love to see Hamada run with it for a while and have her feud with Sarita over it.

    Those are my thoughts.

  15. DeathNote81 says:

    TNA is trying WAY too hard. I think they’re trying too hard to be like the WWE, and looking at their product as a television show rather than a broadcasted sport.

    Wrestling is a fake sport. In sports, people compete to win championships, and people watch WITHOUT them trying to fabricate complex storylines to hold their attention. All you have to do is keep a rankings system, and cycle through (TALENTED) challengers regularly; people who can hold their own IN the ring. The storylines should write themselves after that.

    Insstead, WWE wants to play favorites and keep the same people in the main event for years, and TNA wants to be like older brother WWE, because older brother is a bigshot.

  16. DeathNote81 says:

    Oh, I almost forgot… RUSSO IS A MOLE!

  17. Denis says:

    TNA needs to realize that you can’t beat Vince McMahon and the WWE when it comes to sports entertainment. What TNA needs to do is focus more on a wrestling show, not an entertainment show. Make fans believe what is happening. Go old school, if you will, but don’t depend on older wrestlers. TNA has some of the best young talent in wrestling, but if they continue to push the older guys, then soon we will be referring to AJ and Samoa Joe as the veterans. Use those who know how to work more. Raven and Rhyno are two prime examples. Hire back people like Daniels and Homicide. Build a wrestling show, not a circus.

  18. Denis says:

    Oh, and fire Russo and hire Jim Cornett back!

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