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Report: Jersey Shore cast member coming to TNA

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Sources close to the deal tell us JWoww — real name Jenni Farley — just signed a one-night deal to appear on Spike TV’s “TNA impact!” on Thursday.

We’re told JWoww doesn’t have a match scheduled … but she’ll “probably be mixing it up” with a couple of Jersey Shore-alike wrestlers named Robbie E. and Cookie.

But JWoww ain’t doin’ the wrestling thing for free — we’re told she’s pulling in a cool $15 grand for the night … and the two sides are working out a deal to get her to come back to the show.

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  1. tony storm says:

    horrible! those two nobodies cant even get over! and tna runs the same damn show in the same damn city almost every week! and all they do is quote things from an already terrible show! so what does tna do other than cut there loses,they pay a no talent reality tv star 15 grand to come and help bury the show! really! so now we have a show with like 5 stables! two people who have never wrestled on live tv and jwoww! they couldn’t at least get the situation! at least he’s done dancing with the stars and has a Halloween costume!

  2. Ryan says:

    TNA…. Go F*** Yourself

  3. IronHyde says:

    Yeah.. she tweeted a "hint" about appearing on wrestling. I assumed TNA after the last edition of Impact’s parody. Whatever.. After Sunday’s "Bound For Failure" PPV, even J-Woww’s awesome, intergalactic boobage can’t save TNA’s ratings for the next few mths.. *Fist pump*

  4. Justin says:

    Yeah I hate to see people on there like this. YET as you see TMZ is covering this and it’s bound to end up on E!. So when you think about it 15K ain’t bad for free publicity.

  5. Ian says:

    Like those crappy nobodies on Jersey Shore (who have way too much exposure anyway) need any more exposure. This is one of the many things that is making me turn against TNA, which I have loved since the beginning. Youa re going to pay this loser nobody 15 grand to show up on your show for one night…just STUPID!!!

  6. Joe says:

    Anyone else boycotting this episode?

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