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Kurt Angle comments on his injury

Following last night’s TNA Bound for Glory PPV, Kurt Angle posted the following on his Twitter page:

“Despite redislocating my ribs and getting stiched up the match was awesome tonight! But…I am the best wrestler in the world and I don’t do politics. If Hogan doesn’t want the best I’m done. proved I am the best.Screw hogan! Politics will effect wrestling.Why would hogan pick a kid like jeff?I eat sleep and sh#t wrestling. B.S.”

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  1. Wookey says:

    I dont think hes realised that yes he may be a better technical wrestler, but Jeff is still the future. While Angle still hs a brilliant character, they need to build up future talent. Looks like Hogan and Bischoff are finally changing their ways (nWo and WCW not building new talent eg. Crusierweights)

  2. i agree with kurt not to duote chris jericho but kurt angle is the best in the wrold at what he does

  3. ryan says:

    So what do they do i jeff goes to jail for his lil drug dealey that no one seems to talk about go back and kiss angles a$$ ,i hope he tells them one thing….SUCK IT!! He won the gold medal with a broken freakn neck o its true its damn true!!

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