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TNA Bound for Glory coverage: TNA World Title Match

A video previewing the main event is shown.

(8) Three Way for the vacant TNA World Title. Kurt Angle vs Mr. Anderson vs Jeff Hardy. Hardy has a new entrance theme and had a special entrance where he was standing behind a cage of some sort that raised up and he emerged from behind it glowing in the dark. It was kind of cool I guess. I guess they are doing this for all three men in the main event as Anderson emerged from behind the cage as well. It’s pretty cool. Hardy was pretty over but Anderson got hardly any reaction at all. I also just noticed that no one has had pyro on this show at all. Angle got a good reaction as well. The crowd overall has been rather quiet the entire night aside from the opener. The only pyro used was during the opening and it wasn’t much at all. There is no DQ in this match. A light “Angle” chant breaks out. Angle nails a double German suplex on Hardy and Anderson. Hardy dives to the floor and on to Anderson and Angle. Hardy goes for the Swanton but misses. Kurt nails 5 rolling Germans on Anderson. Angle has the ankle lock on Hardy but Anderson tries to stop it and Angle locks on a double ankle lock. Angle Slam on Hardy but he kicks out. Top rope Angle Slam on Anderson but he kicks out after Hardy covers him. Hardy with a Whisper in the Wind on Anderson followed by the Swanton but Angle pulls Hardy off and puts him in the Ankle Lock as well. Mic Check on Angle by Anderson but he only gets a near fall. Very good match up to this point. Moonsault off the top from Angle but Hardy kicks out. Kurt goes to clothesline Anderson but he ducks and referee Brian Hebner takes it instead. Eric Bischoff is out to ringside with a steel chair. Eric is in the ring with the chair as Anderson and Angle are both down. Hulk Hogan’s music hits and out he comes on crutches. Hogan is in the ring now. He gives Hardy one os his crutches and tells him to nail Bischoff. Hardy nails Angle instead as Hogan and Eric smile. Hardy takes the other crutch and breaks it over Anderson’s back as well. Twist of Fate on Anderson and Bischoff orders the referee to make the count and Jeff Hardy is the new TNA World Champion. Jarrett and Abyss are out from the back. Abyss hugs Hogan and Jarrett raises the hand of Hardy. RVD is out from the back. He asks Jeff what he is doing and Hardy decks RVD with the title belt to close the show.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

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13 Responses

  1. Bey says:

    “They” are Hogan and Easy E? And Double J is down with them? That’s almost as shocking as the sun coming up every morning.

  2. MiZery says:

    LoL… Big surprise… PURE GARBAGE!… To think I almost ordered this thinking that “They” Would be an actual surprise… This sets TNA Back alot

  3. Drew says:

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if TNA’s new champ ended up getting sent to prison?

  4. WrestlingXP says:

    This is why TNA sucks. period.

  5. Paul says:

    So is down. Is it part of the “hostile takeover” by “They”?

  6. squaredcircle says:

    TNA’s biggest ppv event of the year and what was supposed to be the “biggest show in TNA history” ends with another Vince Russo cluster.

  7. Jay says:

    Thanks god I didn’t order this garbage. To think, before Bishoff and Hogan came to TNA I ordered every single PPV since they started on Spike TV. Now I can’t even sit through a whole episode of Impact. Just sad.
    I was hoping “they” would have been Jim Mitchell and a new monster or 2. This is retarded.

  8. Rex Anderson says:

    So thats “They”? Weren’t “They” already there? That ending made no damn sense whatsoever. That was is really upsetting that the MCMG vs. Gen Me was better than that ending. “They” huh?, “They” should know better than to do a horrible ending like that. Wrestlelicous had better endings than that.

  9. JDolbee says:

    was hoping for something awesome to come of “they”.
    seeing as how they are already doing the hardcore stuff, it would have been sweet to see an actual invasion, ideally from CZW, or maybe a Japanese organization making an American debut. A faction led by Daniels & Homicide would have been another idea.
    this however seems like a fill in idea. like whatever plans they had fell thru at the last minute and they needed something.

  10. DeathNote81 says:

    After all that waiting, “They” turned out to be the same people we’ve been watching every week?

    Take a breather, TNA. Seriously.

    At least Team 3D (and Nash) are finally stepping aside.

  11. kp says:

    well thats was dissapointing i think im finally done with tna

  12. RickyB. says:

    It sucks, They? really? what a sad disappointment, and to think the reason Abyss went psycho on Hogan was because of "they", i bet it was an actual plan that did not end well, but what a screwed up idea for a back up plan…..

  13. Matthew says:

    What’s with turning Jeff heel? WWE tried this years ago and Jeff messed it all up even back then. He’s TNA’s #1 draw for kids and chicks and they go ahead and do this??? “They” equals B.S This is gonna be one asinine storyline.

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