TNA Bound for Glory coverage: Lethal Lockdown

Oct 10, 2010 - by staff

– A video airs previewing Lethal Lockdown. Foley says if Flair gets involved he will have to deal with him.

– Christy Hemme interviews Fortune backstage. Flair says Foley will kiss his butt tonight and Flair says he will find Christy and kiss her butt. Kazarian calls EV2 an Antiques Road Show. Morgan and AJ trash Ev2 as well. Beer Money didn’t say anything.

(7) Lethal Lockdown Match: Fortune vs EV2. The members of each team will be at ringside. Flair charges Foley and they are fighting before the match. The first period will be five minutes with Stevie Richards vs Kazarian. There will be no referee in the cage until all ten men have entered. Styles is in next. Two one one advantage for Fortune. Dreamer is in next. I next is Roode. Storm and Flair are on the floor punching Dreamer through the camera hole in the cage. The crowd is dead for this. Sabu is in next. Dreamer is a bloody mess. So far this has been a nothing match. Crowd with a “we want Flair” chant. James Storm is in next. Rhino wanted to get in the cage from ringside but Foley says no. Raven is in next. The last man in for Fortune is Matt Morgan. Morgan grabs Sabu and gives him a sick Powerbomb into the side of the cage. Raven is now busted open as well. The final man in is Rhino who comes in and cleans house. The crowd is really not into this much at all. Storm’s take a Gore that turns him inside out which got the biggest pop of the match. Flair and Foley are brawling again at ringside. The cage roof with the weapons is lowering. AJ’s hand got caught between the cage roof and the cage itself. On top of the cage there is a table. We also have knight sticks, cookie sheets, trash cans, chairs and other items. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint on Dreamer but he moves and he kicks the cage. Dreamer grabs Kazarian and throws him through the door of the cage and to the floor. Guys are now brawling on the floor. Kazarian is climbing the side of the cage and is now on top. Richards is following him up. Sabu dives out of the cage and lands on Morgan and Storm. Kazarian places Sabu on a table on top of the cage and climbs up a ladder. Brian Kendrick was hiding under a black sheet of some sort on top and comes out to help Sabu. He tries to  tip the ladder over putting Kazarian through the table but it get’s botched so he just picks Kazarian up and back drops him through the table instead. It looks pretty lame. In the ring Dreamer nails Styles with a DVD off the top and gets the win for EV2. This wasn’t very good.

Winner: EV2

– Kurt Angle is interviewed backstage and says he will be the new TNA World Champion.

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