Bound for Glory Preview & Predictions

Oct 10, 2010 - by Jason Graening

TNA’s biggest event of the year comes to us live on 10-10-10 from the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida.  The highlight of the night will be the crowning of a new TNA World Champion, which will be decided in a three-way match between Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy.  It has also been said that the mysterious “they” will be revealed for the first time, on a date that only happens once a century.

– Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Championship)
– Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss (Monster’s Ball)
– Fortune vs. EV2 (Lethal Lockdown)
– Sting, Kevin Nash & D’Angelo Dinero vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe (Handicap Match)
– Motorcity Machine Guns vs. Generation Me (TNA Tag Team Championship)
– Jay Lethal vs. Douglas Williams (X Division Championship)
– Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara (TNA Knockouts Championship)
– Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc.

Kurt Angle vs. Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy (TNA World Championship)
It was decided that a tournament would take place to crown a new TNA World Champion after Rob Van Dam was brutally beaten by Abyss and put on the shelf.  The tournament semi-finals took place last month at No Surrender with Mr. Anderson defeated D’Angelo Dinero, while Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy fought to a double overtime draw.  The two then went at it in a rematch on Impact, with both wrestlers picking up a pin fall with two referees making the three count.  It was then decided that both Angle and Hardy would participate in the finals of the tournament.

With that overbooked outcome aside, the main focus of this match has been between Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson and their shared respect for one another.  This past week on ReAction, though, saw the two have their differences as they brawled in the locker room.  For the most part, Jeff Hardy has been the third wheel in this match and hasn’t done much of anything lately.  Added into the mix is Angle’s vow to retire if he loses a match on his quest to once again become the TNA World Champion.

Looking at Angle’s personal stipulation, one would make an obvious assumption and say that he will be the clear cut winner in this match.  TNA, however, doesn’t usually operate that way and I’m pretty sure that Angle will not be winning the title here.  I’m guessing that Mr. Anderson will win the match, by pinning Jeff Hardy of course, so Angle can have a way to say that he didn’t actually lose the match as he wasn’t pinned.  I’m sure this match will be way overbooked as it has been in the past, but this could be a great match considering the talent involved.

Of course, I wouldn’t put it past TNA to actually not crown a new champion at Bound for Glory and hold it over for yet another month.

Starman’s Prediction: Mr. Anderson to become the TNA World Champion.

Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss (Monster’s Ball)
RVD’s TNA World Championship reign was cut short due to a bloody and brutal attack at the hands of Abyss and his new weapon Janice.  Once RVD returned, he set his sights on Abyss and planned to extract his revenge, with Abyss wanting to make it into a Monster’s Ball match.  Since that time, Dixie Carter has ordered Abyss to be fired for threatening her, but RVD was able to prolong his employment by demanding this match to take place.  Then Abyss can be fired.

Since this is supposedly Abyss’ “last” match in TNA, I fully expect that RVD will be winning this match.  On top of that, Abyss has promised that “they” will be revealed on 10-10-10, and chances are they will be revealed during this match.  RVD will win this match, but will suffer a beat down and/or setback due to those who are revealed to be “they.”  I also expect that Abyss’ termination will not go down and/or a loophole will be brought to light to nullify it.

Starman’s Prediction: Rob Van Dam to win the match.

Fortune vs. EV2 (Lethal Lockdown)
After becoming a focal point of TNA’s Hardcore Justice in August, the members of Fortune took offense to the aging hardcore stars stealing the spotlight and brutally beat them down.  Since then, the feud between these two groups has continued and will come to a head inside the steel confines of Lethal Lockdown, with Fortune earning to have the man advantage by recently winning a ladder match on Impact.

Like the Lethal Lockdown matches of the past, I expect this one to be a bloody brawl between the two sides.  This is clearly a match that favors EV2, but Fortune has the youth and the man advantage, not to mention, the dirtiest player in the game standing in their corner.  Granted, Fortune has had more downs than ups, but this is their time to shine and they should have little problem disposing of the aging EV2 stars.

Starman’s Prediction: Fortune to win Lethal Lockdown.

Sting, Kevin Nash & D’Angelo Dinero vs. Jeff Jarrett & Samoa Joe (Handicap Match)
For months, Sting and Kevin Nash have been going on and on and on about a veil of deception that is hanging over TNA.  They have been vague about all of it but have recruited a new member for their cause in D’Angelo Dinero, who has also seen things in their light. On the other side, Jeff Jarrett has gone against them saying that they are just in the business for the money and the spotlight and has Samoa Joe to help out in his corner.

I would be extremely happy if some actual explanation of what this is all about comes out at Bound for Glory.  I don’t care what kind of explanation it is either, it could be the most off the wall, doesn’t make any sense type of explanation, and I’d be happy as that would mean this whole angle is actually going somewhere as it has been going nowhere for months now.  Best case scenario, though, is that it also ends here, much like Kevin Nash’s TNA contract.  I still give Nash, Sting and Dinero the edge here, since they have the upper hand with the extra man.

Starman’s Prediction: Sting, Kevin Nash and D’Angelo Dinero to win the match.

Motorcity Machine Guns vs. Generation Me (TNA Tag Team Championship)
Generation Me got an impromptu title match last month at No Surrender due to the fact that London Brawling could not make it to the match.  The Motorcity Machine Guns won the match but ended up being on the receiving end of a brutal post-match attack by GenMe, which injured Alex Shelley’s neck, and gave GenMe a new attitude in the process.

Their match at No Surrender didn’t disappoint, and this match should be no different.  Generation Me has had the upper hand as of late, but I wouldn’t count the Machine Guns out just yet.  The Machine Guns will be looking for revenge and should get just that, plus I feel GenMe needs a little more seasoning before they can be looked at as potential tag team champions.  I don’t think they will wait nearly as long as the Machine Guns to win the gold, but I don’t think they will win them this soon either.

Starman’s Prediction: The Motorcity Machine Guns to retain the TNA Tag Team Championship.

Jay Lethal vs. Douglas Williams (X Division Championship)

In one of Fortune’s recent misfortunes, Douglas Williams lost the X Division Championship to Jay Lethal on an episode of Impact without any build up whatsoever.  Since then, Lethal has lost and regained the title against Amazing Red in a series of house shows, and this match was booked on the Bound for Glory card without any more build up at all, aside from a possible rematch.

I expect Jay Lethal will win this match and continue being the champion of a division that has become a little more than an afterthought in TNA.  This, of course, could also give Fortune an opportunity to trim the fat, so to speak, and oust Williams from the group.  He seems to do little for them anyway.

Angelina Love vs. Velvet Sky vs. Madison Rayne vs. Tara (TNA Knockouts Championship)
The Beautiful People vs. the Beautiful People saga has been going on for a while now and has finally come down to this. Miss Tessmacher, the new head of the Knockouts Division, booked this match between the feuding sides.  Tessmacher told the four that there is no such thing as trust in this business and also assigned TNA’s newest Knockout, Mickie James, in charge as the special guest referee.

The Beautiful People in all its shapes and forms has pretty much been the sole focus of the Knockouts division and this match is a great example of it.  The odds are against Angelina Love in hopes of retaining the Knockouts Championship, and if one were to read into Mickie James’ comments on a live edition of ReAction, Madison Rayne will be the one walking out as the Knockouts Champion as she was referred to as being the one on top of the division.  Was it a slip up or a simple mistake?  I’m not sure, but I’ll still take Madison as the winner.

Starman’s Prediction: Madison Rayne to win the TNA Knockouts Championship.

Eric Young & Orlando Jordan vs. Ink Inc.
This match was booked at the last minute after Young and Jordan stole a victory from Ink Inc. on Impact.  Young said he wanted to forfeit the match and do it all over again at Bound for Glory and this rematch became official.

A match like this should be a dark match for the fans in attendance, but it won’t be and is taking place on a card that is lacking for the most part.  This will at least give the fans in attendance as well as those watching at home a chance to go to the restroom and pick up some snacks to eat.  I mean, does it really matter who wins this match?

Of course, this could be a good time for Team 3D to come out and demolish both teams before making their huge announcement that will shake the foundation of the tag team division.  Due to that and the whole match itself, I hold the right to not make a prediction on this one.

That concludes the match preview and predictions for Bound for Glory.  All in all, the hype and booking for the event is lacking and this could very well be the WrestleMania IX for Bound for Glory.  At times, TNA can be its own worst enemy and this event shows just that.

Bound for Glory is TNA’s biggest event of the year, but looking at the match lineup, it seems like it is on the same level as a lesser event like Sacrifice or Destination X.  It doesn’t have that aura of past Bound for Glory events and an show of this magnitude should never have a couple of matches, like the X Division Title match or the tag team match, just thrown on there to fill out a card.  All major angles and storylines should lead to this one date and there should be no room for filler.

The big payoffs for this show is the crowning of a new TNA World Champion, Abyss’ termination, the veil of deception on TNA, and the revealing of who “they” are.  If a match didn’t fall under one of those categories, you didn’t get much attention of build up during the month leading into Bound for Glory.  Furthermore, if those four big payoffs are not played out during this show and no clear answers are given, the fans have a right to be pissed at TNA.

It is in their best interest to make this event seem special and deliver the goods on all aspects.  Whether or not they do it remains to be seen, but history is not on their side.

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