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WWE Top 50 Superstars of All Time DVD cover art


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  1. Joey Landis says:

    No Hogan, Savage, or Foley?

  2. Radar says:

    no hogan cause hes with tna same with angle and same with foley. vince though did give air time for foley with his new book so big respect for vinny mac for that

  3. Marts says:

    There’s only half the people on the cover, so the fact they’re not featured on the box doesn’t mean we won’t see about them IN the box.

  4. Big Tony says:

    How can they not put Andre the Giant on the cover? He’s the greatest wrestler of all time!

  5. Paul says:

    Did anyone notice Triple H is on the cover twice. Makes someone go "Hmmmm?"

  6. Sylvester says:

    If Bruno Sammartino(who was world champion for 10 years) isn’t on this dvd, something is very very wrong

  7. Martin says:

    I really hope, that CM Punk is there too. He is the best in the world EVER. Dont understand, why Hogan should be in, he sucked

  8. To the gentleman who see Triple H twice, I am not certain how you see that. I looked at that cover three times, and I only see Triple H under the Junkyard Dog. Please enlighten me on where you see Triple H a second time? Otherwise, you may need to start getting some bifocals. I say this with no disrespect, just making an observation.


    The B.I.G. Man.

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