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Update on Chris Jericho

– There are currently no plans for Jericho to return anytime soon. In a recent interview he said he will be focusing on his band Fozzy for the next year. They will be recording a new album in early 2011 and have international tours planned for the next 6-8 months.

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  1. Daniel says:

    damn…that sucks but I hope the best to Jericho and Fozzy.

  2. kletis says:

    I for one am glad he is gone never was a jericho fan

  3. david says:

    Now that Jericho and Edge are gone …. Its gonna suck a bit

    Hopefully Nexus fued get spicer… hope they go more nWo like

  4. Ishida says:

    Good to know since i’m a Fozzy fan. Hope that they will come in my country.
    As for the WWE, Jericho really wasn’t part of any important angle right now so his absence won’t be a really a problem. Furthermore, he deserves a break after working even 3 televised matches everyweek.

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