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Possible Bound for Glory SPOILERS

– There are plans for a number of face and heel turns at Sunday’s TNA Bound for Glory PPV reports Dave Meltzer. An NWO style heel faction is planned with Hogan and Bischoff at the helm. There is also talk of either RVD or Hardy going heel and joining the group along with a number of other talents. Sting is expected to be pushed as the top baby face in all of this. So it’s pretty much going to be a rehash of the angle done in the same building 14 year’s ago in 1996.

– The current plan is for Kurt Angle to win the three way main event for the vacant TNA World Title.

– Also scheduled for the PPV is the continuation of the Team 3D storyline where they have been teasing a split up between the two.

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  1. kp says:

    oh yay another hogan bischoof storyline(hope the sarcasm was picked up there)

  2. Al says:

    Geez. Dixie & Bischoff say they listen to the fan’s comments. Are they serious. $500 grand a year for Sting is such a HUGE waste of money. Sting can’t even do half the moves Kevin Nash does anymore. Great another lousy NWO/Main Event Mafia, way to keep recycling worn-out, beat beyond death story lines TNA. The in-ring prodcut (wrestling) in WWE sucks, but this is exactly the reason why I don’t watch TNA anymore. Let Homicide, Chris Daniels, and up & coming talent go, and push old farts with nothing left to the moon.

  3. Travis says:

    Oh lovely, another NWO angle…this is so overplayed.

  4. Eric says:

    I was and am a huge Sting fan, but even I can admit he definitely should not be the main star in TNA. Maybe they’re trying to utilize the fact the Sting is still he most popular guy to never sign with the WWE, who knows. But what got TNA popular in the first place was the pushing of the younger stars much like the WWF did back in the 90s. TNA had they’re chance why all we saw from WWE was Cena, HHH, and HBK, but now they’re once again building new stars while TNA dwells on the past. Enjoy it while it lasts because TNCW isn’t going to be around forever.

  5. cold says:

    SURE hope they don’t do the NWO Thing again…I’d Like to See Jeff Hardy as Heel, atleast that would be something new and original except they’ve turned all of their most bankable tallent into heels, AJ, Pope?, Joe,

  6. tommy says:

    yeah with the new faction “they” coming in as well so you add that into the equasion interesting but old vs new again.

  7. Riten says:

    Angle Over(We All Know) Cause He Isn’t Going To Retire. The NWO Angle Is Coming At A Bad Time, I Mean I Stopped Following TNA When They Let ECW2 Come In. Right Before HardCORE Justice. The Fact Is Everyone Know’s Factions Get Over. For TNA Their Last Factions Was MEM Which Only Got Over The MEM Not The Originals, After The Dudleys(NOT TEAM 3D)Sided With TNA You Know The Writers Were Ending It. I Hardly Even Know Who Is In Fortune(Flair, AJ, Kaz) That’s It. They Haven’t Even Let Either Grow Cause Well Neither Need To. Look At Nexus They Went Over Quick, Even Though Few Have Been Injuried/Taken Out. If This New/Old Storyline Takes Place Just Have The NWO Vs TNA Storyline Not Fortune Vs ECW2. Then TNA Will Die Out If They Have Such A Horrible Booking. The Local Yardtards Know What Their Doing Better Than TNA

  8. lewis says:

    bet it will be hogan nash hardy and some more mybe bring syxx n hall bak

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