WWE’s Big Show Pain Clinic Recap

Oct 5, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

What: WWE’s Big Show Guest on the Pain Clinic
When: October 2nd 10am
Where: 1280 WHTK and FM 107.3 and www.whtk.com

Host(s): Rich “Cashman” Jones
The Artiste

Host brings on The Big Show. Show talks about Smackdown moving to SyFy. He talks
about his busy month ahead with his new movie coming out. He talks about how he’s happy
to be coming to SyFy with the HD broadcast in his local market of Miami.

Show feels the production quality gets lost when not watching in HD. He’s excited for the new
sets and the new network! Show talks about his favorite SyFy shows and science fiction books.

Show talks about what his involvement will be in Hell in the Cell PPV. He talks about having Cena’s
back against Nexus.

Big Show talks about the new line of ‘big guys’ in the WWE including Luke Gallows and Eli Cottonwood.
He said he’s not ready to retire anytime soon. He talks more about Eli Cottonwood and he may
be scary but time will tell.

Show talks about Knucklehead and his character. He talks about the boxing and MMA aspects of the
movie. This leads to him talking about Brock Lesnar and watching his fights. He knows Brock and
he thinks that he will dominate for a long time.

We talk about Andre the Giant and comparing Show to him. He takes it as a compliment when the
comparison is made. This leads into us talking about Chewbacca from Star Wars and Show is a
fan. Show leaves us with a mention of Floyd Mayweather Jr hand speed.

Check it out at www.feelthepain.net.

Rich “Cashman” Jones
The Pain Clinic
1280 WHTK and FM 107.3 Rochester Sports Talk
Clear Channel Rochester
www.whtk.com (live online)

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