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Former Superstar blasts WWE creative

Last night, Charlie Haas wrote on Twitter:

– WWE creative is a joke. Way to kill off Daniel Bryan. Your brightest youngest star. Michael Hayes must have written this sh*t. Please retire

– There is great talent in WWE, they just don’t know how or refuse to write for them all.

– When the Monday night wars were going on, everyone on the roster had a story line. From Crash Holly to Stone Cold. Its an easy formula

– Look at ROH everyone on the roster has a story line and is used. Not to be biased, but facts are facts.

– Every wrestler is unique and brings something to the table, that is what is great about the pro wrestling business.

– I’m not done. But am done talking about WWE creative. New chapter. A lot to be thankful for. I am thankful for WWE time and the WWE fans.

– All Japan, ROH, JAP, NWA, Perros del Mal, and WGTT tour in France. What a way to finish the year. And a chance to work with Lagana and Corny

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11 Responses

  1. Travis says:

    Well he isn’t wrong!

  2. Mike says:

    ROH needs to sign him and have him be on the roster full time.

  3. mrdonkey2010 says:

    I agree….they are spending too much time using people with no talent like cody rhodes..the nexus and ted dibiase jr when they have veterans like matt hardy….perfect feud with evan bourne..that would be sweet…and another thing…whats the point of trying to win nxt when everyone is going to get a contract anyways? husky harris was eliminated so why is he on wwe tv? same thing with alex shelly…makes you wonder whats the point of trying to win wwe that desperate for talent?

  4. James says:

    I blame linda mcmahon and the pg rating. They are alienating the fans of the show. The jokes are not funny, the matches are sub-par, and the storylines are boring and predictable. FIRE YOUR WRITERS!

  5. David R. says:

    donkey, i think u mean alex riley. but, i understand ur point, nxt is the wwe’s version of american idol – u dont have to win, but if u impress enough (or have the right bloodlines), you can be a star.

  6. N. Gaijin says:

    I must agree with part of what Haas is saying here, how they handled DBD last night was really, really lame. I don’t know if Hayes alone is responsible, but it would be nice to know if they do something to rectify the situation. Bryan came off an epic title defense Sunday and gets annihilated by a guy who should’ve still been recovering from a brutal HIAC match with none other than Randy Orton, wtf? At least it’s another in the win column for him, but it would be great if the GM decided Sheamus should be reprimanded for his behavior from last night and gave Bryan a rematch next Monday. Hell, Morrison put on a great show with Sheamus, why not DBD? He doesn’t even have to win, just give us something that makes the squash feel like it never happened… damn.

    In regards to the various comments on NXT losers still being around. It was pretty much my understanding that the point of the show was never to just get one guy on television. Every one of the "rookies" has a WWe contract and the point of the show is to get them exposure to prime them for the big leagues. This doesn’t violate kayfabe since it’s never guaranteed that the "winner" is the only performer to receive a contract. The ultimate prize is supposed to be a WWe title shot at the next PPV. We’ve already seen Barrett use his, so I don’t know what the hell they’re doing with Kaval. Aside from Season 3 being a total joke, that’s the only problem I’ve really had with NXT – explaining why Kaval hasn’t had a title shot yet. They’ve only used him TWICE since he won the damn thing over a month ago.

  7. personal i agree with what everybody said but i really like what n.gaijin said what is the point in kaval winning nxt if as so as he gets a contract they screw him ove and somebody tell me whats the point in having a wwe universe if vince is not going to listen to what fans have to say

  8. Bey says:

    Haas is 100 percent right

  9. Daniel says:

    Haas makes some awesome points. I’m sick of the generic, useless gimmicks too. I mean come on, Cody Rhodes is a great wrestler and he is giving beauty tips? What the hell? Kaval and Daniel Bryan (the US title means nothing and hasn’t for a long time) are being squashed and Raw was absolutely horrible. It was like one long sitcom with Barrett and Cena. It was TERRIBLE, AND they got rid of Edge, one of the only GREAT talents on Raw at the moment (not that others aren’t good but not that great). The writing is terrible. The Nexus storyline started out HUGE but has gotten VERY stale and now they are adding two members from NXT 2 to the Nexus? What the hell? What’s the point? I predict Darren Young and probably Michael Tarver will be released very soon.

    The WWE had some momemntum there and they killed it very badly. I dunno what they are doing these days. Only good thing going right now is the Orton/Sheamus feud and the Kane/Undertaker feud (but you can never go wrong there).

  10. tommy says:

    yeah i agree as well with firing the writer michael hayes as he is discriminative towards and african american talent himself just remember him and mark henry had it out the same way he did with the writing of shelton benjamin storlyline. get rid of him and thew show wouold even gain more viewers too.

  11. Riten says:

    I’m Surprised That Shelton Wasn’t With Him Cause He To Wasn’t Put To His Potential. I Think The Nexus Storyline Is Falling Apart Due To Them Getting Injured. Alot Of Kids Get On My Nerves About The Oh Nexus Suck They Should Go To Jail. Nexus Are Delivering As A Stable, Gettin Over. Darren Young Was/Is Horrible And Putting Him Into Single’s Competition Is A Future Endevore Waiting Unless He Is Back In The Nexus. Putting NXT2 In Is Smarter It’s Getting Them Over Instead Of Forgotten, Not All Should Be In Nexus. Maybe Like Riley Being Miz’s Valet Or Michael McGulicuty(Cannot Say It With A Straight Face) Becoming Joe Henning And Bringing Brett Dibiase Up With Him To Join Ted As The Fortunate Sons

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