Oct 3, 2010 - by staff

– We are shown a great video package on the rivalry between WWE Champion Randy Orton and Sheamus.

– Michael Cole notes this Cell was redesigned last year, and is apparently much harder to escape. He also notes this is the 20th Hell in a Cell match in WWE history.

(2) WWE Championship – Hell in a Cell Match – WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Sheamus
The action spills to the outside quickly, with both superstars tasting the cell. Orton connects with the steel steps to Sheamus on the outside. Orton is sent flying from the apron into the cell after a shoulder block by Sheamus. Sheamus rips one of the turnbuckle pads off and attempts to ram Orton’s head into it, but to no avail. Sheamus drops Orton’s exposed ribs onto the steel steps, Orton is screaming in pain. Orton begins to take control, hitting several offensive maneuvers including the scoop slam and his inverted back beaker, Orton sets up for the RKO as the fans arte behind him, Sheamus avoids and drives his knee into Orton’s weakened ribs. Sheamus has brought the steel steps into the ring, he attempts to slam Orton onto them, Orton slips off Sheamus’ shoulders and delivers the scoop slam onto the steel steps! Orton only receives a two count. Orton then goes for the elevated DDT onto the steps but Sheamus steps through it, Orton hangs Sheamus up on the ropes and delivers the DDT elevated form the ring to the mat below! Sheamus has once again slowed Orton down by shoving his ribs into the ring post, back in the ring, Sheamus hits a back breaker and connects with the Brogue Kick, but Orton kicks out! Sheamus can’t believe it, he gets a steel chair from under the ring and takes it to Orton, Sheamus goes for the cover again but Orton once again kicks out! Sheamus sets Orton up to hit him with the chair again, Orton avoids it and hits the RKO! Sheamus rolls from the ring so Orton can’t cover him. On the outside, Orton is setting up the Punt Kick, Sheamus avoids it and again hits the Brogue Kick, Sheamus rolls Orton into the ring for the cover but Orton kicks out again! Sheamus then tries to deliver the High Cross to Orton from atop of the steel steps in the ring, Orton counters it and slams Sheamus’ back into the steps, Orton then hits a huge RKO on top of the steps, he rolls on top of Sheamus and pins him for the victory to retain the WWE Championship!

– After the match, Orton gets the crowd behind him, scales the side of the Cell and stands on top holding the WWE Championship high as the fans cheer!

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