Oct 3, 2010 - by staff

– Another fantastic video package, this time showcasing the rivalry between Kane and his half-brother Undertaker, including the return of the Father of Destruction, Paul Bearer.

(6) World Heavyweight Championship – Hell in a Cell Match – Kane vs. Undertaker w/ Paul Bearer
It’s very fitting these two are facing each other in Hell in a Cell, 13 years to the month after Kane made his debut in the first ever Hell in a Cell match. Kane attacks Undertaker as he is entering the Cell, they briefly fight on the outside before being locked inside. The commentators talk about the history of Undertaker and Kane as well as the history of Hell in a Cell, including Undertaker vs. Mankind from 1998. Kane is working over Undertaker’s left leg, Taker has the advantage and goes for Old School, Kane strikes Taker’s injured leg, causing him to straddle the turnbuckle. Kane then hits a Suplex from the top, followed by a flying clothesline. Undertaker locks in Hell’s Gate from out of nowhere, Kane slowly slips out of the ring to escape the hold. Back in the ring, both men hit a big boot, fall and sit up simultaneously! Taker hits a running DDT and gets a near fall. Taker follows this up with a Chokeslam for another near fall. Kane hits his own Chokeslam, and also gets a near fall. Taker is in the corner, Kane climbs the ropes and delivers shots to Taker’s head, Taker scoops Kane onto his shoulders and hits a Last Ride for yet another near fall. Taker scoops Kane up for the Tombstone, Taker’s leg gives way and Kane reverses it into his own Tombstone, Undertaker kicks out! Kane isn’t happy with the result, and strikes the referee. Officials unlock the Cell to attends to the official, Paul Bearer slips inside the Cell. Bearer tries to will Undertaker on, Kane spots him and stalks him around the ring, Kane forces Bearer into the ring. Kane backs Bearer up to a corner as Bearer begs for mercy, behind Kane, Undertaker rises, Kane turns around into a Chokeslam from the Deadman! Undertaker is wide eyed as he stares at the urn, he rolls his eyes back in his head, we hear the noise of thunder in the arena, purple lights fill the ring and fire is burning on the stage, Undertaker scoops Kane up for the Tombstone, Paul Bearer then opens the urn to reveal a bright light, he shines the light in Undertaker’s eyes, blinding him! Bearer laughs and hands the urn to Kane, who strikes Undertaker in the head with it, he follows this up with a Chokeslam and covers Taker for the win to retain his World Championship! Paul Bearer then leaves up the ramp with Kane, Kane stares back at the fallen Undertaker as Paul Bearer shines the light from the urn towards Kane, Undertaker can’t believe what has happened as WWE Hell in a Cell comes to a close.

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