Oct 3, 2010 - by staff

– We are shown a video package on the history between The Nexus and John Cena. Tonight, either Cena joins, or Nexus is gone.

(4) If Barrett wins, Cena joint Nexus. If Cena wins, Nexus must disband – Wade Barrett vs. John Cena
Also remember, if Nexus gets involved, Cena automatically wins. Cena goes for the AA early on, Nexus runs to ringside to distract Cena, Barrett yells at Nexus telling them to back off and not to touch Cena. The fans break into “Let’s go Barrett” and “Let’s go Cena” chants. I have to say, I really hope Barrett wins, Cena NEEDS to be heel. Cena begins to get fired up and hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle; Nexus surrounds the ring, the WWE locker room leg by Big Show run to the ring to fight Nexus! They send Nexus packing before WWE officials run to ringside to send the superstars to the back. We’re now back to one-on-one. In the ring, Cena once again goes for the AA but Barrett avoids it. Both men are fighting atop of the turnbuckle, Cena gets the advantage and knocks Barrett to the mat, he follows it up with a leg drop to the back of Barrett’s head, Cena only gets a two count. Cena once again sets up the AA, Barrett reverses into Wasteland, Barrett goes for the cover but Cena kicks out! Cena then hits an AA out of nowhere but Barrett kicks out! Cena locks in the STF, a “fan” then jumps the barrier and runs into the ring to distract the ref, security personnel try to evict the plant (possibly Mike McGillicutty?), meanwhile, someone else jumps the barrier and hits Cena in the head with a weapon (looked like Husky Harris) Barrett then covers Cena and picks up the victory! Nexus runs back to the ring to celebrate with Barrett as we are shown the victory. Nexus leaves, in the ring Cena is looking distraught, his facial expression is somber as he slowly leaves ringside, fans are cheering for him.

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