Oct 3, 2010 - by staff

– Backstage Josh Matthews conducts one of his pointless interviews, this time with the NXT Season 3 Rookie Divas. They are interrupted by Nexus, Wade Barrett says he can smell something good in the air tonight, he says right now, Cena is against them, but he promises after tonight, Cena will be Nexus.

– In the ring, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio runs down Rey Mysterio and Christian, before insulting Texas and Americans, he is cut off by Edge, who seems to be continuing his face turn, he says he is not here to defend Texas, Rey Mysterio or even Christian, he is here in his fight against stupidity. He says dressing a dog as Rey Mysterio and wearing a huge scarf is stupid. Edge calls Del Rio stupid, Del Rio says he will hurt Edge. Edge calls Ricardo stupid. Edge and Del Rio are about to fight as they are cut off by Jack Swagger. Swagger demands Edge pay the medical bills for the guy in the eagle costume on SmackDown, Edge says he will pay for them, and may as well pay for Swagger’s and Del Rio’s too, he then attacks Swagger, Del Rio knocks Edge down and leaves. Swagger hits a few moves on Edge before we receive an email form the Raw GM, there is a “new and improved” computer. Cole says Edge must issue an apology to the GM tomorrow night on Raw, and will face Swagger right now.

(3) Edge vs. Jack Swagger
Swagger has the advantage early on, Edge is finding it difficult to get any momentum, Swagger applies the Ankle Lock to Edge but he manages to reach the ropes. Edge tries to fire up, he climbs the turnbuckle but Swagger jumps up and suplexes him from the top down to the mat. Edge finally connects with an Edgecution out of nowhere, he then sets up for the Spear, Swagger reverses it into the Gutwrench Powerbomb and goes for the cover, Edge kicks out. Swagger once again applies the Ankle Lock, Edge reaches the ropes but Swagger pulls him back to the middle, Edge rolls out of it and connects with the Spear for the victory! Fans are cheering for Edge. Face turn and switch to SmackDown coming?

Backstage, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater & Michael Tarver are talking, it seems Otunga has a plan to ensure Nexus will not disband tonight, he assures the others Barrett will not get disqualified for it.

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