Detailed Smackdown on Syfy Recap

Oct 1, 2010 - by staff

We start the show with a bleed over from the NXT. The last 3 minutes of NXT become the beginning of Smackdown.

We are live in Oklahoma City for Smackdown on Syfy!!!

In Ring Action….

Intercontinental Championship Match
Champion Dolph Ziggler v. MVP
Pretty good pop for MVP. But the match only goes for about 2 minutes until we see the first appearance of The Nexus. The come down and bum rush Dolph Ziggler. They then attack MVP in the ring.
Winner-No Contest

After the match Big Show comes out and helps MVP. But the Nexus are too much for him. Hit John Cena’s music! They are bringing out the big guns early tonight. Cena and Big Show clear the ring. On the big screen we see the Nexus Leader Wade Barrett with Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long. Wade says he is good friends with the president of the network. They are fellow countrymen. So tonight he can make matches. And the matches he makes are as follows….The Big Show v. The Nexus in a 5 on 1 Handicap match. And John Cena v. World Heavyweight Champion Kane.

After the break we see some ladies action coming our way.

In Ring Action….
LayCool v. Natalya and Alisha Fox

Natalya has a shot at Michelle McCool’s title at Hell in a Cell. Not a bad match with Hornswaggle getting involved from under the ring. Michelle takes him out, but gives Natalya the advantage with the distraction. She locks on the sharpshooter for the submission victory.
Winners-Natalya and Alisha Fox

Jack Swagger All American Homecoming
The ring is covered in red and Swagger’s Oklahoma’s Jerseys are hanging on the ropes. Swagger comes out to Boomer Sooner with a Mascot. He calls the mascot the Swagger Soaring Eagle. The guy in the eagle suit is jumping around like a fool. Swagger tells the crowd he is happy to be back home in Oklahoma. He then tells them he is disappointed they did not throw him a parade. He says Texas is better than Oklahoma. He is a total heel. I love it. Hit Edge’s music. Edge comes out and says he is going to rid the WWE of all that is stupid. And what Swagger is doing is very stupid. Edge tries to attack Swagger, but gets the eagle instead. Looks like a feud brewing.

5 on 1 Handicap Match
The Nexus v. The Big Show
Show takes the early advantage with his sheer strength and size advantage. WWE is really in love with the Nexus. This is the second time we have seen them tonight. And they are scheduled to be the lumberjacks in the Cena v. Kane match up later tonight. In the end The Nexus are just to much for Show.

Winners-The Nexus
After the match Justin Gabriel hits his 450 splash not once, but twice on Show. The leave him in a big heap in the middle of the ring.

More In Ring Action….
CM Punk v. The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer
Punk comes out first, but he’s like the guys who performed before The Beatles on Ed Sullivan. Everyone was just waiting for The Deadman to emerge. On a side note, every time Micheal Cole says vintage WWE should allow to get a free T-Shirt. Maybe then it wouldn’t be so painful. Taker is on another level. He is killing Punk with no offense from CM. About a 5 minute match with Taker finishing him off with a Choke slam-tombstone combo. Punk is a 3-time World Champ and they just squashed him. Wow.

In the ring we are greeted by Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio comes out and tells the crowd he is sorry for what he did to Rey Mysterio a few weeks ago. He says Rey is week and it is not his fault. Del Rio welcomes to the ring Rey Mysterio. Out comes the Spanish Ring announcer Rodriguez carrying a chiuaua wearing a Rey Mysterio mask. Del Rio tells the dog he is sorry and gives him a kiss. He tells the crowd he promised them Rey and he gave them Rey. Hit Rey’s Music!!!! The Mexican Warrior is back baby. Rey attacks Del Rio, but Rodriguez saves him. So Rey hits the 619 on him. And sends a message to Del Rio that he is back. The crowd loves it and so do I!!

More In Ring Action….
Randy Orton v. Dashing Cody Rhodes
These two have history with Legacy. I really wish they would have kept them together. I don’t think Rhodes and Ted have the personality to maintain a spot by themselves. Another very quick match with Orton hitting the RKO.

Winner-Randy Orton
After the match Orton hits the RKO on Drew McIntyre, but her comes Shameus for the big boot. These two will meet in Hell in a Cell on Sunday. Even with a cage this match is gonna suck.

Main Event
Non-Title Match
John Cena v. World Heavyweight Champion Kane
Pretty big match to finish off Smackdown. Nexus is ringside to make sure everyone plays fair. Cena tumbles out first and is attacked by the Nexus. Once back in the Champ and the former Champ trade blows toe to toe. Kane is taking all that Cena can give. Both men look battered early. Cena heads out of the ring and fights his way around Nexus. But then the lights go out. Gong. When they come back on The Deadman is standing behind Kane. The slug it out and action spills out into the crowd. They are working each other over. They make it back over the barrier, and Taker is beating Kane down. Paul Bearer is in the ring watching over the brothers. Kane locks on the Choke Slam, but Taker counters with his own Choke Slam. Taker sets him up for the tombstone, but Kane rolls out of the ring. He wants no more of his brother. This is a battle to be settled in a cell.


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