WWE NXT – Last Show on SYFY Recap

Sep 29, 2010 - by staff

WWE NXT starts out with a video of last week’s musical chairs and the topic challenge.

Michael Cole and Josh Matthews welcome us to season three of NXT but no Punk is not on the show tonight. Matt Striker welcomes the rookies.

Starting tomorrow at noon the wwe universe will determine the next break out DIVA! on WWE.com

-Wheel Barrow Challenge- (They Put Hornswoggle in the Wheel Barrow so it weighs more) And if Hornswoggle falls out the rookie will be cut from the challenge.

Maxine; 14.7 seconds

Naomi; 15.2 seconds

Jamie; 14.4 seconds (new leader)

Kaitlyn; 12.0 seconds (new leader)

A.J.; 17.7 seconds

Aksana; 13.9 seconds

Winner is Kaitlyn!


Josh and Matt is at ringside and Josh says we are looking at A.J.

Another video for A.J.


WWE Raw Rebound

-Commercial- (AGAIN??????)

As we come back they annouche that WWE NXT will move to the website WWE.com!

Kaitlyn Video (is there any wrestling on this show? God Michael Cole was right when he said eariler this show is BAD BAD BAD BAD)

-Commercial- (AGAIN 4th break within what 15 mins?)

The Ending to Smackdown is now shown With Kane, Undertaker and Paul Bearer.


Diss teh Diova

Aksana; First of all look at me! You see Aksana goes to the gym every morning and runs 10 miles and look at them every morning they have pancakes! All you rookies just wanna be Aksana.

A.J.; Ill be the bigger women and not put them down and i’ve been here longer then them and Divas should like video games and comic books and cars I AM A DIVA who loves this business so its about time.

Kaitlyn; Who am I and starts walking with her ass out like Naomi, I feel on my butt and guess who

Jamie; Not quite sure what she said?

Naomi; Well I dont wanna do this my mom said if I dont have anything nice to say then dont say it at all she tells them if they have anything to say to her say it to her face.

Maxine; IM so sick of the typical Diva and you know what gentlemen what can you do with a nice girl anyways? Take her home to mom and thats it!

A.J. is the Winner the Diss the Diva Challenge.

EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME! She tells Kaitlyn that she tires so hard and hard to make her like herself can you feel my pain????? Just once! Kaitlyn says she is challenging Vickie! Next week Vickie says shes going to prove shes the pro and your the rookie and slaps Kaitlyn then Vickie and Kaitlyn get into a fight while Matt holds her back as the last NXT on SyFy! Next week we will see the first cut on NXT!

This is the end of the show

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