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SHIMMER – WOMEN ATHLETES returned to the Berwyn Eagles Club in Berwyn, IL on Saturday & Sunday, September 11th & 12th, 2010 to film Volumes 33-36 of the SHIMMER DVD series. Here’s what went down…

Saturday, September 11, 2010

SPARKLE (pre-show)

1. MIA YIM & TAYLOR MADE def. MENA LIBRA & MAJA SVENSSON. You can view the match at the link below.


1. “Rachel & Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team” RACHEL SUMMERLYN & JESSICA JAMES defeated BONESAW & “The Wrestling Goddess” ATHENA in the opening contest.

2. CAT POWER defeated “Jumpin” JAMILIA CRAFT with the Cat Nap.

SHIMMER Correspondent AMBER GERTNER interviewed “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” JESSIE McKAY in the locker room. Jessie talked about wanting to work her way up the card, and will begin her quest by asking for a rematch against NICOLE MATTHEWS. The interview was interrupted by SHIMMER Champion MADISON EAGLES who quickly intimidated her former tag team partner, and ordered her to leave. Amber then informed Madison that SHIMMER Senior Referee BRYCE REMSBURG declared that SHIMMER would not have a paper champion, and she would have to defend the title in the main event of Volume 33 against the winner of the Volume 32 main event, CHEERLEADER MELISSA.

3. ALLISON DANGER defeated LEVA BATES with the Shimmering Warlock. After the match, Danger praised Leva’s wrestling skill and talked about how SHIMMER prides itself on giving opportunities to wrestlers to help build their reputations within the industry. Former SHIMMER athlete VERONIKA VICE slid into the ring, about to jump Danger from behind, but Danger turned around just in time to avoid a sneak attack. Vice asked Danger where her opportunity is, and proceedded to slap Danger across the face to guarantee that she would get a match against Allison in the future.

4. MELANIE CRUISE defeated TAYLOR MADE with Cruise Control.

CHEERLEADER MELISSA appeared on the video screen talking about how she has been a part of SHIMMER from the beginning, and has always been cheated out of title shots. Most recently, MADISON EAGLES pinned her in a #1 Contender’s Match on Volume 30 with her feet on the ropes for illegal leverage. Melissa said that tonight, she finally will get her first shot at the SHIMMER Championship, and would be walking away with the gold.

5. MISAKI OHATA defeated “The Portuguese Princess” ARIEL via submission with the Fairy Lock.

6. SERENA DEEB defeated “The Rate Tank” KELLIE SKATER after hitting her with the Spear. Skater came to the ring with a shaker bottle and tiny weights, reminding everyone on the microphone about how indestructible she is, and how nobody in the locker room would stand a chance against her. As she turned her back to the curtain to berate the fans, Serena unexpectedly slid into the ring to a huge ovation, and stood behind Kellie as she continued to run her mouth. Once Skater finally turned around to see Serena standing there, she tried to throw a punch, but it was blocked, and Serena unloaded with a flurry on The Rate Tank as the crowd chanted “Welcome back” at the Deebious One. You can view some of Serena’s post-match celebration with the fans at the link below.

7. SARA DEL REY defeated NEVAEH via submission with the LeBell Lock.

8. “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” JESSIE McKAY defeated NICOLE MATTHEWS with the Boyfriend Stealer in a highly competitive rematch from Volume 30.

9. AYUMI KURIHARA defeated DAIZEE HAZE in a rematch from Volume 32, with a No Countout stipulation added. Their Volume 32 match saw Daizee intentionally prevent Ayumi from returning to the ring to answer the referee’s count, putting an end to her undefeated record in SHIMMER. Late in the match, as Daizee grew frustrated that she couldn’t put Kurihara away, she focused on an attempt to undo the turnbuckle pad to expose the steel buckle, but took too much time, as Ayumi was able to hit her signature uranage on Daizee for the victory.

10. AYAKO HAMADA defeated TOMOKA NAKAGAWA with the AP Cross in the semi-main event of Volume 33.

11. SHIMMER Champion MADISON EAGLES defeated CHEERLEADER MELISSA with Hell Bound (Death Valley Driver to the knee) to retain the title (Madison’s first defense). This twenty minute title bout was comprised of quite a bit of submission wrestling, in addition to hard hitting strikes. Though Melissa came up short in her first shot at the title, the crowd gave her a standing ovation after the match.


1. “The Rate Tank” KELLIE SKATER defeated “Jumpin” JAMILIA CRAFT.

2. MELANIE CRUISE defeated LEVA BATES with a modified version of Cruise Control, catching Leva as she came flying off the second rope.

3. NIKKI ROXX defeated MISAKI OHATA with the Barbie Crusher.

4. DAFFNEY defeated NEVAEH with a cheap roll-up after taking advantage of the referee.

5. TENILLE defeated “The Wrestling Goddess” ATHENA via bridging leglock submission.

6. VERONIKA VICE defeated ALLISON DANGER with a handful of tights.

7. SHIMMER Tag Team Champions “The Canadian Ninjas” PORTIA PEREZ & NICOLE MATTHEWS defeated “Rachel & Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team” RACHEL SUMMERLYN & JESSICA JAMES when Nicole pinned Rachel after DAFFNEY came to ringside and served as a distraction.

8. CHEERLEADER MELISSA defeated TOMOKA NAKAGAWA with the Kudoh Driver.

SHIMMER Correspondent AMBER GERTNER conducted an in-ring interview with the returning SERENA DEEB. Serena talked about how much being back in SHIMMER means to her, and discussed how the top women in professional wrestling compete in the SHIMMER ring. Serena was interrupted by PORTIA PEREZ, who reminded Serena that she “traded in her honor, heart, and skill for a paycheck” while Perez remained loyal to SHIMMER and became 1/2 of the Tag Team Champions. Deeb challenged Portia to back up her words in the ring on Volume 35. Perez accepted.

9. “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” JESSIE McKAY defeated SARA DEL REY & AYAKO HAMADA in a Three-Way Match where the first fall would declare the winner. McKay pinned Del Rey after hitting the School Girl Crush, to a huge ovation from the fans in attendance. The fans chanted “Title shot” at Jessie after the pin.

10. SHIMMER Champion MADISON EAGLES defeated AYUMI KURIHARA with Hell Bound to retain the title (Madison’s second defense) in a hard fought main event of Volume 34. This was Ayumi’s first pinfall loss in SHIMMER competition after an impressive initial run to earn the title shot.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

SPARKLE (pre-show)



1. MELANIE CRUISE defeated JESSICA JAMES with Cruise Control.

2. “The Latina Sensation” MERCEDES MARTINEZ defeated MISAKI OHATA with the Fisherman Buster. After the match, Martinez declared that she’s on a six match winning streak and it will only be a matter of time before the SHIMMER gold is around her waist.

3. DAIZEE HAZE & TOMOKA NAKAGAWA defeated NIKKI ROXX & “The Portuguese Princess” ARIEL in tag team action when Ariel was pinned by Nakagawa after Daizee spit water in Ariel’s eyes.

SHIMMER Correspondent AMBER GERTNER interviewed RACHEL SUMMERLYN in the locker room. Rachel discussed how much she is looking forward to having the chance to step in the SHIMMER ring tonight against one of the best female wrestlers in the world, SARA DEL REY.

4. ALLISON DANGER defeated VERONIKA VICE in a rematch from Volume 34 following the Shimmering Warlock.

SHIMMER Correspondent AMBER GERTNER interviewed “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” JESSIE McKAY in the locker room concerning her title shot in the main event against her former “Pink Ladies” tag team partner MADISON EAGLES.

5. PORTIA PEREZ defeated SERENA DEEB via Just Facelock. After Portia initially locked in the hold on Serena, NICOLE MATTHEWS came to ringside and took the attention of the referee. While the ref was distracted, Serena was able to make it to the ropes to break the hold, but Portia pulled her back to the center of the ring before the referee could see it, and as a result Serena passed out while still in the hold.

6. AMAZING KONG defeated “The Rate Tank” KELLIE SKATER with the Amazing Bomb.

7. SARA DEL REY defeated RACHEL SUMMERLYN via submission with the cross arm breaker. While Rachel had the advantage early in the match, DAFFNEY approached ringside, distracting Summerlyn. Though referees quickly forced Daffney back to the locker room, the distraction was enough to cause Del Rey to gain the advantage in the match, and eventually the victory. Immediately after the bout concluded, Daffney hit the ring and did further damage to Rachel.

SHIMMER Correspondent AMBER GERTNER interviewed SHIMMER Champion MADISON EAGLES in the locker room concerning her title match in the main event against JESSIE McKAY.

8. AYAKO HAMADA defeated NICOLE MATTHEWS with the AP Cross.

9. AYUMI KURIHARA defeated CHEERLEADER MELISSA with a backslide in a very physical, and very even matchup. Both women shook hands in a sign of respect after the bout.

PORTIA PEREZ & NICOLE MATTHEWS appeared on the video screen discussing how Portia made Serena pass out and Nicole gave Hamada a tough fight. They made it clear that they plan to continue as singles wrestlers while simultaneously dominating the tag team scene as champions.

10. SHIMMER Champion MADISON EAGLES defeated “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” JESSIE McKAY after carrying McKay off the top rope and hitting Hell Bound to score the pin (Madison’s third defense). After entering SHIMMER as “Pink Ladies” tag team partners, Madison and Jessie showed everyone in attendance just how well they know one another in the ring as opponents during this lengthy battle over the SHIMMER Championship.


1. “The Latina Sensation” MERCEDES MARTINEZ defeated NIKKI ROXX with a Fisherman Buster.

2. “Jumpin” JAMILIA CRAFT defeated BONESAW with a Belly To Belly Suplex in a battle of SHIMMER Wrestling Academy graduates.

RACHEL SUMMERLYN appeared on the video screen with a message directed at her former mentor DAFFNEY. After ending their friendship, as well as their tag team, Daffney’s distraction cost Rachel & Jessica their SHIMMER Tag Team Championship opportunity, and then caused Rachel to take her eye off the ball in her match against Sara Del Rey. Rachel demanded that this come to an end, and the best way to do that is an I Quit Match. Rachel vowed to not only make Daffney say I Quit, but to run her out of SHIMMER entirely.

3. MENA LIBRA defeated TAYLOR MADE with a Samoan Drop into a bridge.

SHIMMER Correspondent Amber Gertner brought SARA DEL REY to the ring for an interview. Del Rey announced that she takes offense to SERENA DEEB returning to SHIMMER, and many in the locker room feel the same way. Serena came out to confront Del Rey, but they were soon joined in the ring by SHIMMER Champion MADISON EAGLES, who agreed with Del Rey, and shouted “No one wants you here” in Serena’s face. As the crowd chanted “Yes we do,” CHEERLEADER MELISSA and AYAKO HAMADA came out to stand beside Serena. DAIZEE HAZE and TOMOKA NAKAGAWA joined Del Rey and Eagles. Finally, AYUMI KURIHARA came out to join with Serena, Melissa, and Ayako. SHIMMER Senior Referee BRYCE REMSBURG tried to calm the tense situation by proposing an Eight Woman Elimination Tag Team Match later in the show, “SHIM-vivor Series style!”

4. LEVA BATES defeated CAT POWER with an inside cradle as Cat was going for the Figure Four Leglock.

“Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” JESSIE McKAY appeared on the video screen talking about her recent shot at the SHIMMER Championship, and how she would continue to try her hardest to earn a title. SHIMMER Tag Team Champions “The Canadian Ninjas” PORTIA PEREZ & NICOLE MATTHEWS interrupted, and made it clear that she would never get anywhere near their belts. TENILLE stepped in, and offered to once again team up with McKay in SHIMMER competition, and a match was made for later in the show.

5. VERONIKA VICE defeated JESSICA JAMES with a neckbreaker.

6. MISAKI OHATA defeated “The Rate Tank” KELLIE SKATER via submission with the Fairy Lock.

7. NEVAEH defeated “The Wrestling Goddess” ATHENA with a German Suplex with a bridge.

8. SHIMMER Tag Team Champions “The Canadian Ninjas” PORTIA PEREZ & NICOLE MATTHEWS defeated “Everybody’s Favorite Girlfriend” JESSIE McKAY & TENILLE to retain the titles. The pinfall came after the Ninjas hit the Funky Cold Medina (Superkick/German Suplex combo) on Tenille.

9. RACHEL SUMMERLYN defeated DAFFNEY in an I Quit Match when she made Daffney say “I Quit” while in a Texas Cloverleaf in the corner, stretched across the turnbuckles. Daffney busted Rachel open with a chain on the floor, but Summerlyn refused to give up. After the match, Daffney grabbed the microphone in tears and told Rachel she’s proud of her, and then quickly disappeared through the curtain. Rachel and JESSICA JAMES then celebrated the victory with the fans.

10. CHEERLEADER MELISSA & AYAKO HAMADA & AYUMI KURIHARA & SERENA DEEB defeated SHIMMER Champion MADISON EAGLES & SARA DEL REY & DAIZEE HAZE & TOMOKA NAKAGAWA in an Eight Woman Elimination Tag Team Match. Serena eliminated Nakagawa with a Spear. Deeb and Daizee were then simultaneously eliminated when the referee counted both of their shoulders down on a bridging pin attempt by Haze. Del Rey eliminated Kurihara following the Royal Butterfly. Hamada eliminated Del Rey with a jackknife pin. Melissa finally pinned Madison after Hamada gave Eagles the AP Cross, followed by Melissa’s Air Raid Crash. Survivors of the match were thus Cheerleader Melissa & Ayako Hamada. After the post-match celebration by Melissa, Ayako, Ayumi, and Serena, Kurihara challenged Hamada on the microphone to a future match in Japan. Hamada agreed, but on the condition that they also face off in SHIMMER as well.

Post Taping Notes

Everyone at SHIMMER would like to thank all of the fans who came to Berwyn from all parts of the globe to witness these four DVD releases in person! We’d also like to extend thanks to our friends at 39TEN Lounge in Lyons, IL, which hosted our after parties both nights, and Elliott Harris of the Chicago Sun-Times, who provided us with excellent local press both before and after the events in the paper.

You can view some of Elliott’s backstage interviews with the SHIMMER wrestlers at his YouTube page below.

You can also view videos by from the weekend at their YouTube page below.

All of the Diva Dirt crew who were in attendance for the tapings recorded a roundtable discussion podcast recapping the entire weekend. Every SHIMMER fan should give it a listen. Download it at the link below.

Former SHIMMER Champion MsChif was hospitalized just before doors opened on the first day of taping, after sustaining a dislocated shoulder during pre-show sparring. MsChif is expected to be sidelined from active wrestling competition for the next several weeks. We look forward to MsChif returning to SHIMMER action on Volume 37.

On these events, SHIMMER continued its working agreement with Japan’s S-Ovation and Ring Stars offices, which facilitated the return of Misaki Ohata, Tomoka Nakagawa, and Ayumi Kurihara to the United States for their second tour. We look forward to what the future holds!

Photographers Walter Lippmann, Buddy LaMantia, and Gilda Pasquil were in attendance for the duration of the weekend. Look for more of their photography from the events to hit the web during the coming weeks.

As the winter months approach in the Chicago area, SHIMMER will head into its taping off-season, and will return to action in the spring. Please support the SHIMMER stars in action during the coming months at events promoted by Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Respect, NCW Femmes Fatales, Anarchy Championship Wrestling, POWW Entertainment, and PWA Australia!

If you were at the shows live, post your thoughts in the following thread at The SHIMMER Forum…

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