More WWE Madison Square Garden notes

Sep 26, 2010 - by Steve Gerweck

From Alina:

I got to see a bunch of them come in and Kofi was the only one who gave autographs. I saw Chavo, Punk, Kofi, Cody, Layla, Justin Gabriel, Mark Henry, Kelly Kelly, Dolf Ziggler, Hornswaggle and Kane.

Match 1: was supposed to be for the IC Championship but before the match Dolf said it won’t be cause eh doesn’t have to defend it for a month

Kofi Kingston def Dolf Ziggler

Match 2: Tag Team Championship

Drew & Cody def MVP & Masters

Match 3: Before the match Alberto was dissing out NY and Chavo

Alberto def Chavo

Match 4: Diva’s Tag Team

Kelly Kelly & Melina def LayCool w/ the help of Hornswaggle.

After the match they celebrated and LayCool started beatin up Honswaggle but he fought back and they left

Match 5: Mark Henry def Jack Swagger

Bret Appreciation ceremony was amazing they gave him framed pics of his mom, him and Owen and him and his brothers. Also Rangers gave him his own jersey. Right after it Nexus came out said that Bret was the best, Hart Dynasty is the best, but that Nexus will always be the best and asked Bret to join the Nexus

Match 6: Special ref Jerry “The King” lawler

Hart Dynasty & Bret “The Hitman” Hart def Nexus (Heath, Justin & Michael)by putting Justin into the sharpshooter.

After the match while they were celebrating Nexus came after them again and then Bret put Heath into sharpshooter as well.

7: Before th match CM Punk dissed out NYC and started singing Chicago

Big Show def CM Punk w/ the knockout punch

Match 8: NY Street Fight for World Heavyweight Championship

Kane def The Undertaker

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