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Update on Matt Hardy

With the situation unresolved, Matt Hardy is attempting to secure his release from World Wrestling Entertainment, however, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that they have yet to offer him a release.

On a side note, WWE does not want talent to create YouTube pages, and additionally, WWE now wants to see everyone’s Facebook page before allowing them.

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  1. AJ Starr says:

    I hope WWE realizes both Youtube and Facebook are not part of the WWE, and therefore they can not legally regulate their employee’s usage of it on their own time.

    One of these WWE is going to end up doing something stupid enough to where a wrestler is going to sue them for all they’re worth and win big time.

  2. Austin Starr says:

    Not to make this sound in a mean way, because I’m not, but if a wrestler could sue WWE for all this don’t you think it would have been done by now? I mean, WWE has pissed A LOT of people off within the years.

  3. HijoDelTacos says:

    AJ, lots of companies want to monitor their employee’s online presences. Some big companies even ask for all your online accounts on their applications.

    Matt signed a contract with WWE, and he is bound by their terms.

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