Sep 19, 2010 - by staff

– We are shown another fantastic video package, hyping the prestige of the WWE Championship and every competitor’s chances of becoming champion tonight.

– Josh Matthews interviews WWE Champion, Sheamus. Matthews asks if Sheamus is at all concerned, he says he is not concerned, as the result tonight will be the same as it always is, he will still be WWE Champion.

(7) WWE Championship – Six-Pack Challenge Elimination Match – Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho vs. Wade Barrett vs. Randy Orton
Randy Orton receives the BIGGEST pop of the night. Michael Cole notes that the competitors in this match have held a total of 32 World Championships! Less than five minutes into the match, Randy Orton hits an RKO on Chris Jericho and eliminates him! Jericho and the rest of the superstars are stunned at the quickness of the elimination, the fans break into a “Y2J” chant. Jericho slowly makes his way up the ramp, he can’t believe it, the match actually comes to a stand-still as the other five superstars watch Jericho leave. In the ring, Wade Barrett has been slowly surrounded, Edge, Sheamus, Cena and Orton throw Wade from the ring, Orton and Cena then throw Sheamus and Edge from the ring, leaving them to have a face-off, which is broken up by Barrett. Cena and Orton are again left alone in the ring as they face off; both superstars know each other’s moves so well. Sheamus currently has control as all four other competitors are down, he works on Cena in the ring as the rest are on the outside. Cena may have tweeked his knee as he is double teamed and suplexed from the top turnbuckle by Sheamus and Edge, they then send Barrett flying into the security wall and switch their attentions to Orton. Orton temporarily gains the advantage over Sheamus and Edge, but it doesn’t last long. The alliance is now over as Edge and Sheamus go at it. Match now gets very fast paced as Edge hits a Spear on Sheamus and Orton, followed by Cena hitting the AA on Edge to eliminate him form the match! We are down to Sheamus, Cena, Barrett and Orton. Barrett tries to eliminate Cena, but to no avail, Cena then locks Sheamus in a sloppy looking STF, Sheamus makes it to the ropes. Nexus now runs to ringside, they distract Cena which allows Barrett to hit the Wasteland on him and eliminate him! Nexus now beat down Orton and throw him into the ring for Barrett, Nexus climbs the apron as Orton gets up, Cena grabs a steel chair and takes out Otunga and Tarver, Orton then hits the RKO on Gabriel and Slater, Barrett tries to hit Wasteland on Orton, Orton wriggles out and hits an RKO on Barrett to eliminate him! We’re down to Sheamus and Orton, Sheamus sneaks up behind Orton and hits the Brogue Kick, Sheamus goes for the cover but Orton KICKS OUT! Sheamus goes for the High Cross, Orton once again escapes and hits an RKO from out of nowhere to defeat Sheamus and become NEW WWE Champion! The fans go crazy as Orton celebrates his victory; we see several replays and finish with Orton ascending the ropes, holding the championship up high!

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