Sep 19, 2010 - by staff

– We are shown an awesome video package showing the history and rivalry of The Undertaker and Kane, dating right back to Kane’s WWE debut, 13 years a go.

(5) World Heavyweight Championship – No Holds Barred Match – Undertaker vs. Kane
Undertaker meets Kane on the ramp during his entrance to begin the brawl. Undertaker sends Kane flying into one of the huge pillars which is apart of the stage. At ringside, Kane now has the advantage after sending Taker into the steel ring steps, Kane then strikes Taker in the midsection with the World Championship. Kane still has full advantage as he bounces Taker’s head off the announce table, Undertaker finally gets a move in as he reverses Kane’s Irish whip into the steel steps, Taker gets another shot in as he hits his Leg Drop on the ring apron, Kane gets up quickly, Taker knocks him over the barrier into the time keeper’s booth, Taker then leaps over the barrier into Kane! Kane slows Taker down after a shot to the ribs with a steel chair, the action spills into the crowd. Kane once again has the advantage whilst in the crowd, the action continues in the ring with Kane completely destroying Undertaker with body and heads punches. Undertaker and Kane begin trading punches, Taker gains the advantage and follows it up with Snake Eyes and a Legdrop, Taker goes for the pin but Kane kicks out. Undertaker manages to hit a Chokeslam on Kane and sets him up for the Tombstone, the fans are going crazy for Taker, Undertaker hoists Kane up for the Tombstone, Kane shifts his weight and reverses the move into his own Tombstone, Kane hits it and covers Undertaker in the center of the ring for the victory and to remain World Heavyweight Champion. Kane laughs as the top of the ramp as Undertaker begins to recover. The fans cheer Undertaker as he slowly struggles up the ramp.

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