Sep 19, 2010 - by staff

– We are shown a video package on the rivalry between The Miz and Daniel Bryan.

(3) United States Championship – The Miz w/ Alex Riley vs. Daniel Bryan
The commentators argue over Daniel Bryan’s credibility, Lawler and Striker are on Bryan’s side, and obviously, Cole is on Miz’ side, Striker notes Shawn Michaels was trained by Jose Lothario, and Daniel Bryan was trained by Shawn Michaels. Cole criticizes Bryan for not eating meat…like that matters. Match is slow to begin with; Miz has the advantage and is working on Bryan’s arms and shoulders to prevent the usage of the LeBelle Lock. Bryan hits the suicide plancha on Miz, Bryan now has full advantage and gets several near falls on the champion. Bryan is selling injury to his left arm, Bryan hits a kick to the side of the head and gets another near fall. Both superstars are on the top turnbuckle, Bryan straddles the top rope, Miz clotheslines him to the mat for another near fall. Miz now has an arm bar applied to Bryan’s injured left arm, Bryan makes it to the ropes. Miz goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, Bryan escapes it and rolls Miz up for yet another near fall, Bryan tries to lock in the LeBelle Lock, Alex Riley jumps up to the apron to distract Bryan, Miz tries to hit Bryan from behind, Bryan moves to send Miz into Riley, Bryan then rolls Miz up for ANOTHER near fall! Miz snaps and begins punching Bryan several times, the referee pulls him off, Miz goes back to Bryan, who finally locks him in the LeBelle Lock! Miz tries to make it to the ropes but can’t, Miz taps out resulting in Daniel Bryan becoming the NEW United States Champion!

– WWE Hell in a Cell PPV promo. Only two weeks away :-s

– Backstage Josh Matthews interviews John Cena about the odd of him winning the WWE Championship tonight. Cena jokes about different odds, he says one thing’s for sure, you can never count him out.

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