Sep 19, 2010 - by staff

(2) CM Punk vs. Big Show
Punk comes to the ring alone, he receives a great reaction from his home town crowd, Punk says he loves Chicago, which gets a huge ovation, he says he loves Chicago but hates the people in it for ruining his City, fans boo loudly. He says he is proud to live and come from Chicago but hates the scum of the earth that is the rest of the population. Punk then goes on to run down Big Show, he says he doesn’t run from Show like everyone else would, he says this is David vs. Goliath and the power of the Straight Edge will see Punk prevail. Punk begins wearing down Show with several kicks, cutting the big man down to size. Punk climbs to the top turnbuckle, he jumps off and receives a HUGE spear from Big Show! Show then hits the Knockout Punch and it’s all over! Short and decisive match.

– Smiley Josh Matthews interviews Chris Jericho, Matthews says Jericho is lucky to be back in the six-pack challenge match. Jericho says the GM remembered how Jericho performs in these types of matches, he says he defeated The Rock and Steve Austin in the same night, he won the Championship Scramble match last year and he also won the Elimination Chamber match which included Undertaker. He says he will become WWE Champion tonight because he is the best in the world at what he does.

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