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Wanted: Your WWE Night of Champions PPV Predictions

WANTED: Your predictions for WWE’s Night of Champions PPV. The card is listed below.

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  1. Theo says:

    1. The show opens with Daniel Bryan beating Miz to win the u.s title. 2. Dolph retains over kofi and kofi starts a heel turn. (backstage dolph slaps daniel bryan for no reason setting up a unification match at bragging rights) 3. Punk beats show 4. Laycool beats melina (melina gets rematch on raw and wins by dq they will drag this out) 5. Kane beats taker and retains (taker wins rematch at hell in a cell) 6. Jericho wins the wwe title in a upset only for miz to cash in and win the title (making jericho the first man to lose his title twice to m.i.t.b winners)

  2. Taylor says:

    Chris Jericho
    Daniel Bryan

  3. Ed says:

    WWE title match, Sheamus retains, however, if they really want to shock the world let Barrett or Randy Orton win the gold & loose it 30 mins later to the Miz.
    Kane vs. Undertaker, Kane retains but only wins with help. They wrestle again in Hell In A Cell for the gold.
    Ziggler vs. Kingston, Ziggler will once again keep his gold. I can’t stand Guerrero but she isn’t going anywhere. Guerrero loves being in the spot light even if it’s for the wrong reasons.
    McCool vs. Perez, Perez wins due to Layal causing McCool to loose. This is the end of this stable.
    Big Show vs. Punk, Punk wins since Show has been dominate in very SES match they have had. Punk has to win to get any credibilty.
    Miz vs. Bryan, Miz retains the gold.
    Miz vs. Winner of WWE title match & wins the gold & has both titles because he’s AWESOME even although he still sucks. However, I would wait until Hell In A Cell next month to cash it in after the RAW main event is over & then win but that’s just me.

  4. Matt says:

    1. Daniel Bryan to shock Miz and the world by winning the US Title
    2. CM Punk over the Big Show
    3. Melina over McCool to become the Undisputed Women’s Champion and retire the Divas title
    4. Ziggler over Kofi and Kofi slowly goes heel afterward
    5. Kane over Taker, Taker attacks Kane afterward and lays him out to set up the rematch at Hell In A Cell
    6. Sheamus retains by last eliminating Randy

  5. EZMark says:

    Sheamus retains

    Kane retains

    Ziggler retains

    LayCool wins unified women’s/diva belts

    Punk wins

    Hart Dynasty lose belts to ???

    Daniel Bryan defeats Miz for the US Title, Miz can’t believe it, cashes in MITB immediatley to get his belt back, and loses again. Daniel Bryan wins, Miz leaves NOC with nothing.

  6. Kyle Christie says:

    EZMark MITB for World Titles Only

  7. Hayleigh says:

    These are my predictions:

    Melina v Michelle McCool – Layla will interfere causing Melina to win.

    Kane v The Undertaker – Kane to retain… this will set up another match for Hell In A Cell

    Hart Dynasty v ???? – I think their opponents will be ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre… and they will lose the titles

    The Miz v Daniel Bryan – Daniel Bryan to win… then The Miz will cash in his MiTB later in the night

    CM Punk v Big Show… CM Punk to win in his hometown

    Dolph Ziggler v Kofi Kingston – Dolph to win due to Vickie interfering in some way

    6 Pack Challenge for the WWE Title – I’m thinking a shock win by Barrett or Orton… then The Miz will cash in and lose!

    Thanks for reading!

  8. Theo says:

    If wwe really wants to shock people Miz will lose the us title and then cash in on taker after kane loses and beats taker to death in a rage. Miz becomes more arrogant and taker vs kane to settle the score at hell in a cell

  9. Jonno says:

    Daniel Bryan to beat The Miz for the US Title: it’s about time Miz dropped that belt.

    I don’t care at all about LayCool vs Melina.

    Night Of CHAMPIONS and you have Big Show vs CM Punk, why? And you haven’t even announced a WWE Tag Team Title match. Maybe WWE should focus more on John Cena when he learns how to wrestle, and SAVE THE TAG TEAM DIVISION!!!

    Dolph Ziggler to beat Kofi Kingston and keep the Intercontinental Title: too early to take the title from Dolph. Perhaps take Vickie Guerrero away and out of the WWE FOR GOOD and maybe people will enjoy this feud.

    I’m picking Chris Jericho or Randy Orton to win the WWE Title. I HATE SHEAMUS, I honestly don’t see what other people see in him? He is terrible on the microphone delivering promos/interviews/backstage segments, and he’s nothing special in the ring either. It’s far too early to give Wade Barrett the WWE Title. Edge won’t win the title yet. IF CENA WINS, WE RIOT. I won’t be suprised if Miz cashes in the Money In The Bank contract here too.

    Kane will beat The Undertaker and then lose the title to Undertaker at Hell In A Cell.

  10. Chris says:

    Probably not going to be the best Night of Champions PPV to date.

    WWE Championship – Really not sure about this, Wade Barrett could win and this is the start of the Nexus holding WWE titles, or someone else could win and then Miz cash in the MitB and win, but I really can’t see Miz in a Hell in a Cell match next month, so I really don’t know about this one.

    World Heavyweight Championship – Kane somehow retains, rivalry continues, Taker wins title at a more prestigious PPV like Survivor Series or Royal Rumble.

    Intercontinental Championship – My favorite title at the moment. Even though Ziggler has only just got it, I think Kaitlyn from NXT will, in Vickie’s opinion, seem to try to come between Ziggler and Vickie, Vickie gets mad, costs Ziggler the title. Kofi wins.

    Unification match – Melina will win as Raw has a WAY bigger womens division at the moment. Just hope the Women’s title remains and the Divas title is retired.

    Big Show/Punk – Punk wins to show Mercury/Gallows he is better than them and that they need to show they are truely in the SES.

    United States Championship – I no longer care, as it has been said before, the title has become just an accessory to The Miz, which is a shame. Restore some prestige in this title, PLEASE!

    Tag Team Championship – I love tag team wrestling. Would love to see a good match between Hart Dynasty and Hawkins/Archer but it looks like they will face Rhodes/McIntyre. I hate (most) odd pairings to make up teams. Hart Dynasty to win.

  11. Chris says:

    Forgot to say, I just thought of this a moment ago.

    Its a bit odd to have a non-title match at Night of Champions (First time I think?) So it would be good if in the Show/Punk match, Punk says that he is tired of trying to teach everyone in the US about straight edge, because he (most of the time) gets booed, so he says he wants to take his message across Europe.
    He says the match is for the European Championship, Punk wins, and he takes the tile and his straight edge message across Europe with him in a few months for the big European tour that is coming up.
    When he loses the title it could be used for lower card talent/newcomers before they rise to the ranks of the US/IC championships.

    I know the chances of this happening are slim, but it would be good, I guess.

  12. Kyle Kosiba says:

    1) Daniel Bryan VS The Miz – Daniel Bryan
    2) Laycool VS Melina – Laycool
    3) Punk VS Big Show – CM Punk
    4) Dolp Ziggler VS Kofi – Dolp
    5) Hart Dynasty VS ??? – ???
    6) Taker VS Kane – Kane
    7) 6 Pack Challenge – Randy Orton

  13. Miguel Guerra says:

    These are my predictions:

    Melina v Michelle McCool – Michelle McCool wins! Maybe Kaval will be ringside ^^

    Kane v The Undertaker – Kane wins!

    Hart Dynasty v ???? – Hart Dynasty vs ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, the win goes to ‘Dashing’ Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre.

    The Miz v Daniel Bryan – Daniel Bryan to win… then The Miz will cash in his MiTB later in the night (if anyone besides barrett wins)

    CM Punk v Big Show… CM Punk to win. PUNK WINS PUNK WINS (JR :P)

    Dolph Ziggler v Kofi Kingston – Dolph Ziggler will win…and I hope that Kofi get out of the way of the intercontinental championship, and I would like to see "Dashing" Cody Rhodes to be the next intercontinental champion.

    6 Pack Challenge for the WWE Title – I HOPE that Barrett wins, and if he wins, I HOPE that The Miz don’t cash-in if Barret wins!

  14. EZMark says:

    Kyle Christie, you need to remember that ANYTHING can happen in the WWE!!!1

  15. james says:

    i got daniel bryan winning the match but not the title… miz gets dq’d
    melina winning taking the title
    big show knocking cm punk out
    dolf ziggler winnning by outside interfernce by vicki
    hart dynasty retaining against cody and drew
    kane beats taker setting uo rematch for hell in a cell
    randy orton taking title in 6 pack challenge
    order of elimination…. jericho, edge, cena, barrett, and sheamus.

  16. Denison says:

    Melina will win and divas title will be gone, short title history…
    Daniel Bryan will win US title,Cole goes on a rampage while king tries to cool him off.
    (Later on Miz cashs in mitb and wins wwe title big show tomrrow on raw ‘i hope miz is awesome’)
    Cody N Drew win tag team gold. If that doesn’t happen can care less for the tag division since tag titles look gay now.
    Kane n taker is hard to say but feud goes on at hell in a cell ppv.
    I would love for wade to win but either him or orton r gonna win. Miz goes out and sets up miz orton feud or miz vs wade feud….or even wade vs miz vs orton.
    Dolph will win and face bryan at next ppv to unify titles….
    Other matches I can care less but ill still watch them…

  17. damnghost says:

    1 : Sheamus retain
    2 : Laycool Unifed Women
    3 : Daniel Bryan US Champ
    4 : Zygler Retains
    5 : Punk
    6 : Kane retains
    7 : Hart Dynasty loses to …

  18. Kyle Christie says:

    EZMark it would be very silly if they made him cash it in on US Title they say its for world title i think anyway. Also Chris your idea about the European Title is amazing and it would be awesome if they did that but i doubt it.

  19. Potter says:

    The most unpredictable PPV of the year. But, here my thoughts:
    – Daniel Bryan def. The Miz to win the United States Championship. Should be one of the best matches of the show. And I really don’t know if Miz gonna cash in his MITB contract in the main event. They are setting Randy Orton vs. Sheamus for the title at Hell in a Cell.

    – Melina def. Michelle McCool. I think LayCool ends tonight. Sad.
    – CM Punk def. The Big Show. Awful match, Punk deserves something better.
    – Dolph Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston. Someway, Ziggler will retain the IC title. But I can’t see him pinning Kingston clean.
    – Kane def. The Undertaker. Kane MUST win this match! The best feud in wrestling business today, Kane is a GENIOUS.
    – Chris Jericho def. Barrett, Sheamus, Orton, Cena and Edge to win the WWE Championship. Chris Jericho must stay in WWE, WWE is Jericho and always will be, he deserves the title. I’m gonna cheer all match for Jericho, but, in my real opinion, Sheamus will retain this pinning Orton.

    And one more thing… If Jericho wins, Miz gonna cash in his MITB briefcase and win the title. If Orton or Sheamus wins, Miz gonna try, but miss his cash in. I don’t think Cena, Barrett or Edge will win.

  20. Dean says:

    Randy Orton becomes wwe champion
    Kane retains WHC
    Ziggler retains Ic title
    Melina wins the titles
    CM Punk cheats to win
    Daniel Bryan becomes new Us champ
    the Hart Dynasty retain tag titles

  21. Jaysbee says:

    WWE Championship Match – Sheamus Retains
    World Heavyweight Championship – Kane Retains
    Intercontinental Championship – Kofi Wins Via DQ
    WWE Women/Diva Unification Championship – Melina Wins
    Punk vs Big Show – Punk Wins (For What Title????????)
    The Miz vs Daniel Bryan – Daniel Bryan Wins
    WWE Tag Titles – See note below*

    *wouldn’t mind seeing a blast from the past tag team return and make the titles are heavily sought after title. Possibly the DUDLEY BOYZ as their TNA contracts are up in the air.

  22. Rocky says:

    The Miz get Whipped Melina wins the title
    Shamus wins
    Undertaker wins setting up a unification match
    shamus vs the Dead man
    Hart Dynasty
    Big Show puts CM chump out of buisness for a while

  23. J-Ro says:

    Well, Miz has to cash that thing in eventually, So If he retains tonight, he will not cash, however, if Bryan wins, he will cash. I feel there will be one final bout between these two, I’m going to say Miz thanks to interference from Riley.

    Melina wins the unification match. Why would they destroy the belt if they were going to give Laycool two sets of different Belts?

    Cena wins and again, if Miz losses, will lose it to him as a Batista deja vu.

    Undertakers wins the world Title

    It’s hard to say since we don’t know who their opponents are.

    Dolph retains

    Show over Punk

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