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Carlito critiques TNA Impact

Carlito tweeted the following review of TNA Impact:

“well, i didnt see anything that bad except 4 that Lacey VonErich. TNA has a pretty good roster. That generation me looks like mini Hardys! Oh also, that Abyss segment. how is anybody supposed to believe that? He’s gonna show up next week after committing kidnapping and torture? Last time i checked that’s at least a 25 year prison sentence! is the Orlando police just gonna let it slide and let the face handle it? Not picking on Abyss, i like him. I just hate angles u cant believe. Like when Hunter broke into Orton’s house. I asked him if he was gonna b at mania? He asked why? I said u got arrested and they got everything on TV!..he didn’t find it funny! oh well. And what about that idiot that stabbed Cena? oh, wait a minute…nevermind!”

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  1. Matt says:

    TNA is so stale and filled with non-talented people. Honestly, I really love see the old WWF superstars, but you can’t run a company on that. If WCW and ECW were 10x more successful than TNA, and Vince still bought them.. It’s only a matter of time til Vinny Mac owns TNA.

  2. DeathNote81 says:

    "And what about that idiot that stabbed Cena?"

    That idiot is sorely missed.

  3. Too bad the John Cena stabbing was an angle, unlike what the PR’s did to Brody. Good job Carlito.

  4. J-Ro says:

    I miss Jesus too.

  5. Mimuran says:

    LOL! Carlito rules

  6. Ronald B says:

    What if Carlito returns as “Jesus” in TNA then stabs anyone he meets? ^_^ We miss you Carlito

  7. Ricky B says:

    hahaha saw a few Jesus matches on wsx was ok We TOTALLY miss Triple C (Carlito Caribbean Cool )

  8. Rex Anderson says:

    I agree with Death Note 81, that idiot is sorely missed. He was back stabbed on several chances to main event

  9. Phillip says:

    Man I miss Carlito and his apple spitting ways lol. He and Shelton wer 2 of the most underated but great performers. I wish they had givin him more of an oppertunity outside of the 1 EC WWE title match he go put in. CCC is great and so is Primo, too bad WWE dropped the ball on an all PR stable with Carlito, Primo, Orlando Colón and (possibly) Stacy Colón.. Could you imagine this as a Fued… The DiBiases vs The Henings vs The Hart Foundation vs The USOs/Tamia vs The Colóns… Major possibilites, especially if you add The Rotondos and The Rhodes… WOW.. MAJOR FAIL BY WWE…MAJOR!

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