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Jim Ross on WWE’s major drug policy change

Jim Ross, in responding to questions from fans, was asked about WWE’s major drug policy change in banning Somas (muscle relaxers) recently.

Ross added, “I think that it’s a great idea. Too many wrestlers took/take Somas recreactionally much like wrestlers used to smoke weed in the 70’s. Prescription pill abuse is a huge enemy of all wrestlers who abuse them. Pain medicine, Somas, ambien, and xanax are an evil mixture especially when mixed with alcohol and taken in excess.”


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  1. Ak says:

    Somas should be taken off the market and be illegal period. Their effects have been noted before in excess among many wrestlers. I believe it was Orton that called them “death.” Oxyodone is much safer, but still needs to be monitored. Their are too many guys popping these things like vitamins. Neidhart apparently got so addicted he started stealing pills from his neighbors. That should say how messed up this business is. And any meds mixed with alcohol is deadly Ross, duh. Also, love the “70’s weed” comment. Yea like a lot of guys are toking currently…right. I believe that pot is actually not banned as long as their at a baseline or something like that. How dumb is that? So basically, what WWE is saying is that as long as you are able to buy from someone and not get caught and stay at a baseline level, than you are doing just wonderful. Kendrick went over the baseline levels and was released. WWE needs more stringent testing, and sctricter policys. Presriptions should be made aware of and how much is being written by the docs, so the guys can’t go out and get more filled..and when it comes testing and their above say, well I have just been following docs orders. It’s all bs now adays. More deaths will surface as the years follow and guys that are in the company now hooked on stuff are goona be dropping like flys in 10 years as well.

  2. jonnyr says:

    ak get your head out your A$$! you can’t tell people how they have to live their lives

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